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51Laquanagirlthe sunAfrican1Register to vote
52LaquettagirlNative-American1Register to vote
53Laragirlwell-known, name of a nymphLatin2Register to vote
54Larahgirl1Register to vote
55Larainegirlsea birdLatin1Register to vote
56LaramigirlAmerican1Register to vote
57LareashagirlBeautifulAmerican1Register to vote
58Lareinagirlthe queen Spanish1Register to vote
59Larigirlcrowned with laurelEnglish1Register to vote
60LariagirlGreek1Register to vote
61Larinagirlsea gullLatin2Register to vote
62Larissagirlname of a city, mythical woman; cheerful oneGreek, Russian6Register to vote
63Larkgirla birdEnglish4Register to vote
64Laruegirl1Register to vote
65Lashae'girlFrench1Register to vote
66LashawnagirlFairAfrican1Register to vote
67LatagirlHindu1Register to vote
68Lateefahgirlgentle, pleasantAfrican1Register to vote
69Lateishagirl1Register to vote
70LAtericagirl1Register to vote
71Latifahgirl1Register to vote
72Latishagirl1Register to vote
73LaToijagirlEnglish, Spanish1Register to vote
74LatongirlAmerican3Register to vote
75Latoniagirlmother of Apollo and DianaLatin1Register to vote
76Latricegirl1Register to vote
77Laudomiagirl1Register to vote
78Lauragirllaurel leaves, honor, fame, spiritLatin8Register to vote
79Laureengirl2Register to vote
80LaurelgirlLatin7Register to vote
81Laurengirlvariant of Laura46Register to vote
82LaurianagirlSpanish2Register to vote
83LauricegirlAmerican2Register to vote
84Lauriegirl2Register to vote
85Laurindagirlcrowned with laurel, praiseLatin2Register to vote
86Lauryngirl12Register to vote
87LavanigirlgraceHindu2Register to vote
88LavedagirlLatininnocent one1Register to vote
89Lavendargirl2Register to vote
90Lavernagirlvernal or spring-likeFrench3Register to vote
91Lavernegirlfrom the alder grove, spring-likeFrench2Register to vote
92Lavinagirlwoman of RomeLatin2Register to vote
93LaviniagirlpurityLatin3Register to vote
94Lavongirl2Register to vote
95LaxmigirlHindu1Register to vote
96Laylagirl25Register to vote
97LayLanigirllover; peaceful oneHawaiian2Register to vote
98Laynagirllight, truthGreek2Register to vote
99Laynegirl3Register to vote
100Layniegirl2Register to vote
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