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1Laceygirlcheerful oneRussian50Register to vote
2Laurengirlvariant of Laura46Register to vote
3Lilygirla flower, a lilyLatin, Greek27Register to vote
4Laylagirl25Register to vote
5Lillygirl24Register to vote
6Lexigirl21Register to vote
7Leahgirlcow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, rulerHebrew, Greek, Assyrian21Register to vote
8LunagirlmoonLatin19Register to vote
9Laineygirlsun rayEnglish18Register to vote
10Loreleigirlfrom the Rhine RiverGerman17Register to vote
11Lolagirlstrong womanSpanish17Register to vote
12Lovegirlloved oneEnglish16Register to vote
13Lenagirlalluring, temptress; lightLatin15Register to vote
14Lailagirl15Register to vote
15Leilagirldark as the nightArabic14Register to vote
16Lilliangirla lilyGreek14Register to vote
17LilianagirlGracious Lily, Purity, and BeautyLatin14Register to vote
18LeagirlmeadowAnglo-Saxon13Register to vote
19Lilithgirlghost, storm goddess, spirit of the nightSumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew13Register to vote
20Lauryngirl12Register to vote
21Lydiagirlwoman from Persia, beautyGreek12Register to vote
22Lacygirlplace nameFrench11Register to vote
23LilagirlnightArabic11Register to vote
24Lakengirl11Register to vote
25Lanigirlsky, heavenHawaiian10Register to vote
26LucygirllightLatin10Register to vote
27Lianagirlvine, to bind; youthFrench10Register to vote
28Lilygirl8Register to vote
29LuciagirllightLatin8Register to vote
30LivgirllifeNorwegian8Register to vote
31Lauragirllaurel leaves, honor, fame, spiritLatin8Register to vote
32Laniegirl7Register to vote
33Lyricgirlplayer of the lyreGreek7Register to vote
34Liannagirl7Register to vote
35LaurelgirlLatin7Register to vote
36Lyndseygirl7Register to vote
37Leighgirlmeadow, wearyEnglish, Hebrew7Register to vote
38Lisagirlconsecrated to GodHebrew7Register to vote
39Lailannigirlspanish/hawaiinSpanish7Register to vote
40Logangirllittle hollowScottish7Register to vote
41Laleegirl6Register to vote
42Larissagirlname of a city, mythical woman; cheerful oneGreek, Russian6Register to vote
43LibertygirlfreedomEnglish6Register to vote
44LaelgirlBelonging to GodHebrew6Register to vote
45LoraleigirlLatin5Register to vote
46Lylagirl5Register to vote
47Liangirlthe graceful willowChinese5Register to vote
48LorigirlAmerican5Register to vote
49Lanettegirl5Register to vote
50Lillyanagirlpart of lilly with ana5Register to vote
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