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101LaysongirlAmerican1Register to vote
102LúthiengirlEnchantress; Daughter of FlowersAnglo-Saxon, English1Register to vote
103LeagirlmeadowAnglo-Saxon13Register to vote
104Leahgirlcow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, rulerHebrew, Greek, Assyrian21Register to vote
105LeahannagirlbeautyEnglish1Register to vote
106Lealagirlloyal oneFrench3Register to vote
107Leandragirllion womanGreek2Register to vote
108LeAnngirl2Register to vote
109LeAnnagirlfemale version of lee1Register to vote
110Leannegirlcombination of Lee & AnneAnglo-Saxon3Register to vote
111Leaunagirlyoung deer1Register to vote
112LebagirlbelovedYiddish1Register to vote
113LedahgirlbirthHebrew1Register to vote
114Leegirlglade; poet, plum, meadowEnglish, Anglo-Saxon2Register to vote
115LeeAnnagirlAmerican1Register to vote
116LeelagirlHindu2Register to vote
117Leeleegirl1Register to vote
118Leesagirl2Register to vote
119Leezagirl1Register to vote
120LegacygirlAfrican2Register to vote
121LeiaragirlAmerican1Register to vote
122LeibswargirlTrue LoveAmerican, German1Register to vote
123Leighgirlmeadow, wearyEnglish, Hebrew7Register to vote
124Leighagirlform of Leah1Register to vote
125LeighannegirlAmerican2Register to vote
126LeightongirlAmerican2Register to vote
127LeikogirlarrogantJapanese1Register to vote
128Leilagirldark as the nightArabic14Register to vote
129Leilanigirl3Register to vote
130Leimariegirllover of chocolateSpanish1Register to vote
131Leisalgirl1Register to vote
132Leithegirl1Register to vote
133Lelagirl2Register to vote
134LeliagirlAmazingEnglish, Irish3Register to vote
135Lemuelagirldedicated to GodHebrew2Register to vote
136Lenagirlalluring, temptress; lightLatin15Register to vote
137LenanyagirlGoddess of imaginationGreek4Register to vote
138LenegirlillustriousNorwegian1Register to vote
139LenitagirlgentleLatin1Register to vote
140LenliegirlFlax MeadowGreek1Register to vote
141Lennagirllike "Jenna"American2Register to vote
142Lentorgirllive,love,lifeEnglish1Register to vote
143LeolagirllionLatin2Register to vote
144Leonagirl2Register to vote
145Leoniegirlthe lionLatin2Register to vote
146LeonoragirllightGreek3Register to vote
147Leopoldagirlbold leaderGerman1Register to vote
148Lesettegirl2Register to vote
149Leshgirl1Register to vote
150Leshemgirl1Register to vote
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