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151Lesleegirl2Register to vote
152Lesliegirldweller in the gray castle; small meadowScottish, English3Register to vote
153LetagirlJoyLatin1Register to vote
154Leteshagirl1Register to vote
155Lethagirlforgetful, oblivionGreek1Register to vote
156LeticiagirljoyLatin1Register to vote
157LetitiagirljoyLatin1Register to vote
158Levanagirlrising sunLatin2Register to vote
159Lexigirl21Register to vote
160Lexi-Annegirlstrong; healthyAmerican2Register to vote
161LexianngirlEnglish1Register to vote
162Lexibethgirlqueen of heavenAmerican, Spanish2Register to vote
163LexiegirlAmerican4Register to vote
164Lexie-leighgirlCute girlIrish1Register to vote
165Lexinegirlhelper and defender of mankindHebrew2Register to vote
166Lexusgirl4Register to vote
167Lexygirl2Register to vote
168Leydianagirlbig person, intelligent, ambitious Spanish1Register to vote
169Leynagirllittle angelGerman3Register to vote
170LiagirldependenceHebrew4Register to vote
171Liadangirlgrey ladyIrish1Register to vote
172Liahgirla lady wolf English1Register to vote
173Liangirlthe graceful willowChinese5Register to vote
174Lianagirlvine, to bind; youthFrench10Register to vote
175LianigirlSpanish3Register to vote
176Liannagirl7Register to vote
177Liannakagirlbringer of peace, hope2Register to vote
178LibbygirlAmerican3Register to vote
179LibertygirlfreedomEnglish6Register to vote
180Liciagirl2Register to vote
181LiengirllotusChinese2Register to vote
182Liesegirlbeloved by GodGerman2Register to vote
183Lilgirla lilyGreek3Register to vote
184LilagirlnightArabic11Register to vote
185Lilacgirldont knowAmerican2Register to vote
186Lilahgirlthe lilyGreek4Register to vote
187Lilandragirl1Register to vote
188Lilannahgirl1Register to vote
189Liligirl1Register to vote
190LiliagirlLilyLatin2Register to vote
191Liliahngirl1Register to vote
192LilianagirlGracious Lily, Purity, and BeautyLatin14Register to vote
193Liliannegirl3Register to vote
194Lilithgirlghost, storm goddess, spirit of the nightSumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew13Register to vote
195LilligirlAmerican, English, Japanese1Register to vote
196Lilliangirla lilyGreek14Register to vote
197Lillianagirl 4Register to vote
198LilliannagirlAmerican, English2Register to vote
199Lillibethgirlcombination of Lilly and BethAmerican1Register to vote
200Lilliegirl4Register to vote
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