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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
301LucinegirlmoonArmenian1Register to vote
302LucretiagirlrichesLatin0Register to vote
303LucygirllightLatin10Register to vote
304LuellagirlelfinEnglish1Register to vote
305Luisagirl1Register to vote
306LujuanagirlSpanish0Register to vote
307Lukinagirlgraceful and brightUkrainian0Register to vote
308Lulugirlvariant of Louisa0Register to vote
309Lulubellegirl1Register to vote
310LunagirlmoonLatin19Register to vote
311LupegirlwolfLatin0Register to vote
312Lupillagirl0Register to vote
313LuxgirlAmerican4Register to vote
314Luxigirl0Register to vote
315Luxisgirl0Register to vote
316LuzgirllightLatin2Register to vote
317LyagirlAmerican0Register to vote
318LycagirlpetiteAmerican0Register to vote
319Lydiagirlwoman from Persia, beautyGreek12Register to vote
320Lydiamariegirl0Register to vote
321Lyjagirl0Register to vote
322Lykaiosgirlwolfish, of a wolf, wolf-likeGreek0Register to vote
323Lylagirl5Register to vote
324LymarisgirlAfrican, Spanish0Register to vote
325Lyndseygirl7Register to vote
326LyndziegirlAmerican1Register to vote
327Lynellegirllike a bookworm English0Register to vote
328Lynettegirl0Register to vote
329LynleegirlGiver in our Lord, SweetEnglish0Register to vote
330Lynliegirl0Register to vote
331Lynngirla cascadeAnglo-Saxon2Register to vote
332LynndarocegirlFrom the name Katherine. It means pure.American0Register to vote
333LynndsaygirlAmerican0Register to vote
334LynnegirlAnother way to spell Lynn0Register to vote
335Lynziegirl0Register to vote
336Lyragirl2Register to vote
337Lyricgirlplayer of the lyreGreek7Register to vote
338LyshahgirlJapanese0Register to vote
339LyzdyngirlCuteAmerican0Register to vote
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