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251Ljeomagirlsafe journey through lifeAfrican0Register to vote
252LockegirlstrongholdEnglish1Register to vote
253Logangirllittle hollowScottish7Register to vote
254Loidagirlblblical grandmother of TimothyHebrew, Spanish0Register to vote
255Loisgirlfeminine of Louis1Register to vote
256Lokelanigirlsmall red roseHawaiian1Register to vote
257Lolagirlstrong womanSpanish17Register to vote
258Lolaksigirla sakti of GaneshaHindu0Register to vote
259Lolitagirlvariant of Lola2Register to vote
260LondongirlCalmEnglish3Register to vote
261LondyngirlAmerican, Latin0Register to vote
262Lonikiegirlpretty one0Register to vote
263LonniegirlForm of Connie American0Register to vote
264LoragirlEnglish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Russian, Scandinavian, Teutonic1Register to vote
265LoraleigirlLatin5Register to vote
266LorallaigirlCliffs; songs of the sirens that called to saliorsGerman0Register to vote
267LordlyngirlLovely,Unique,heavenAmerican, French0Register to vote
268Loregirla flowerBasque0Register to vote
269Loreleigirlfrom the Rhine RiverGerman17Register to vote
270LorelleigirlMythological siren that lured sailors. Also means from the rocky cliff.German, Latin5Register to vote
271Lorenagirlthe laurelLatin4Register to vote
272Lorenzagirl2Register to vote
273LorigirlAmerican5Register to vote
274LoriellegirlBeautiful WomanEnglish1Register to vote
275Lóriengirl1Register to vote
276Lorindagirl1Register to vote
277Lorinegirl0Register to vote
278Lornagirlof LorneCeltic0Register to vote
279Lorrainegirlwhere Lothar dwellsGerman2Register to vote
280LosalinigirlFijian nameSwedish0Register to vote
281Lottiegirl2Register to vote
282Lotusgirldreamlike, lotus flowerGreek1Register to vote
283Louisagirlfamous in battleTeutonic3Register to vote
284Louisegirlwarrior maiden, famous in battleGerman, Teutonic1Register to vote
285Lourdesgirl0Register to vote
286Lovegirlloved oneEnglish16Register to vote
287Luannagirl0Register to vote
288Lucagirl1Register to vote
289LucerogirlSpanish0Register to vote
290Lucettagirl0Register to vote
291Lucigirl0Register to vote
292LuciagirllightLatin8Register to vote
293LucianagirllightLatin1Register to vote
294LuciannagirlLucyAmerican0Register to vote
295Luciegirl1Register to vote
296LucieagirlAmerican, English0Register to vote
297LucilenegirlLightLatin0Register to vote
298Luciliagirl0Register to vote
299LucillegirllightLatin2Register to vote
300Lucindagirlbringer of lightLatin3Register to vote
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