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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1MabgirljoyGaelic9Register to vote
2Mabelgirlmy fair maid; lovelyFrench10Register to vote
3Mablegirl2Register to vote
4MabrygirlAmerican5Register to vote
5Macariagirldaughter of Hercules and DeianaraGreek6Register to vote
6MacelynngirlAmerican3Register to vote
7MaceygirlAmerican3Register to vote
8MachazneegirlAmerican1Register to vote
9Machigirlten thousandJapanese2Register to vote
10Machikogirlchild of MachiJapanese1Register to vote
11Macigirl6Register to vote
12Maci-LeigirlCute girl irishIrish2Register to vote
13Maciegirl1Register to vote
14Mackgirl1Register to vote
15Mackenziegirl84Register to vote
16Macygirlthe oceanAmerican29Register to vote
17MacynzeegirlCuteAmerican1Register to vote
18Madalyngirl10Register to vote
19Madalynngirlgenerous, kind,athleic, tough, and passionateAmerican, French6Register to vote
20Madasyngirl7Register to vote
21MaddesonegirlAmerican2Register to vote
22MaddiegirlNever gives up.American15Register to vote
23MaddisonegirlAmerican, English1Register to vote
24Madeiragirlsweet wineSpanish2Register to vote
25MadelainagirlMixture of Madeline and ElainaFrench, Greek2Register to vote
26Madelainegirl4Register to vote
27Madeleinegirl3Register to vote
28Madelinegirlone who is elevated, a high towerHebrew20Register to vote
29Madelinegirl7Register to vote
30Madelyngirl6Register to vote
31MadelynngirlPrettyFrench, Hawaiian3Register to vote
32Madenygirlsparkling beauty(capeverdean creole)Native-American3Register to vote
33Madgegirla pearlGreek3Register to vote
34MadhavigirlHindu1Register to vote
35MadhugirlhoneyHindu2Register to vote
36MadhulgirlHindu0Register to vote
37MadhulikagirlHindu0Register to vote
38MadhurgirlsweetHindu0Register to vote
39MadhurigirlHindu0Register to vote
40MadilyngirlBeautiful spirted girlAmerican5Register to vote
41Madilynnegirl0Register to vote
42Madisongirlson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudGerman75Register to vote
43madlingirlprincessAmerican2Register to vote
44Madonnagirl1Register to vote
45MadragirlmotherSpanish0Register to vote
46MadriennagirlAmerican1Register to vote
47Mady RaygirlMost BeautifulAmerican2Register to vote
48MadylingirlEnglish, Greek3Register to vote
49Madysongirlalternate spelling of MadisonAmerican, English9Register to vote
50Maegirl12Register to vote
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