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51Maebrygirl1Register to vote
52MaegangirlIt means pearl, strong held, and braveTurkish1Register to vote
53MaegyngirlEnglish, Welsh1Register to vote
54MaeleiannagirlCross between May Lee and AnnaAmerican0Register to vote
55Maelenegirl2Register to vote
56MaeliannagirlMay-Lee-Anna American0Register to vote
57Maesagirl0Register to vote
58Maevegirlgoddess; a purple flowerGreek, Latin1Register to vote
59Mafaldagirl0Register to vote
60MagangirlpowerTeutonic3Register to vote
61Magaragirlchild of constantly criesRhodesian0Register to vote
62Magdagirlhigh tower one who is elevatedHebrew0Register to vote
63MagdalenagirlPolish5Register to vote
64Magdalenegirla towerHebrew2Register to vote
65MagelagirlComes from the Hebrew "Magdala" Name a villade of Galilee where Mary Magdalene livedFrench1Register to vote
66Magenagirlthe coming moon; a covering, protectionNative-American, Hebrew0Register to vote
67Magentagirllovely colorEnglish, Scottish, Spanish0Register to vote
68Maggiegirla pearlGreek7Register to vote
69Magicagirl0Register to vote
70MagnagirllargeLatin0Register to vote
71Magnoliagirla flowerFrench6Register to vote
72Mah'RyegirlAmerican2Register to vote
73Mahaillagirl0Register to vote
74Mahalagirlwoman; tenderness; marrowNative-American, Hebrew, Arabic1Register to vote
75MahaliagirlaffectionHebrew0Register to vote
76MaheragirlIrish0Register to vote
77MahigirlfriendEnglish0Register to vote
78MahimagirlaffectionHebrew0Register to vote
79MahimagirlHindu0Register to vote
80MahinagirlMoonHawaiian1Register to vote
81MahitagirlHindu0Register to vote
82Mahniyagirlbeautiful blessingHawaiian3Register to vote
83MahzongirlFrenchFrench0Register to vote
84Maigirlbrightness; coyoteJapanese, Native American3Register to vote
85Maiagirlnurse, mother, goddess of spring; greatGreek, Latin3Register to vote
86Maidagirla maidenEnglish0Register to vote
87MaidencegirlA beautiful fare maidenAmerican, Greek0Register to vote
88MaijagirlScandinavian0Register to vote
89MaiKaleygirl0Register to vote
90Maikogirlchild of MaiJapanese2Register to vote
91Maillieygirlbeautiful, sweet, talentedAmerican, English, Greek, Russian, Scottish0Register to vote
92MainegirlFrench0Register to vote
93Maisiegirlchild of lightScottish3Register to vote
94MaisongirlAmerican0Register to vote
95Maisygirlchild of lightScottish3Register to vote
96MaitanegirlbelovedEnglish0Register to vote
97MaitryigirlfriendshipHindu0Register to vote
98Maiyagirl1Register to vote
99MaizahgirldiscerningAfrican1Register to vote
100MajgirlpearlSwedish2Register to vote
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