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151Malorygirl2Register to vote
152MalugirlpeacefulnessHawaiian1Register to vote
153MalvagirlsoftGreek1Register to vote
154MalvigirlAfrican, American, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Basque, Celtic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, Gaelic, German0Register to vote
155Malvinagirlsmooth snowGaelic0Register to vote
156Mamikogirlchild of MamiJapanese1Register to vote
157Mamtagirlmother's love for child, wife of sage AsijaHindu0Register to vote
158ManagirlloveJapanese0Register to vote
159ManaligirlHindu0Register to vote
160ManasigirlHindu0Register to vote
161ManavigirlHindu0Register to vote
162Mandagirllovable, harmony; Saturn, god of the occultLatin0Register to vote
163Mandalynnegirlcombination of Amanda and Mandy and LynnAmerican1Register to vote
164Mandaragirlmythical treeHindu0Register to vote
165Mandeepgirllight of heartHindu0Register to vote
166MandelagirlSmart English, Hawaiian0Register to vote
167Mandeleegirllovley (capeverdean creole)Native-American1Register to vote
168MandigirlAlternate spelling of MandyEnglish0Register to vote
169MandisagirlsweetAfrican0Register to vote
170MandygirlharmonySpanish2Register to vote
171MangenagirlmelodyHebrew0Register to vote
172MangenagirlmelodyHebrew0Register to vote
173ManhattangirlwhiskeyEnglish2Register to vote
174ManielgirlNorse, Spanish0Register to vote
175ManikagirljewelsScandinavian0Register to vote
176Manishagirlsharp intellect, genius, sagacityHindu1Register to vote
177ManjarigirlHindu0Register to vote
178ManjugirlHindu0Register to vote
179ManjulagirlHindu0Register to vote
180Manjushagirla box of jewelsSanskrit0Register to vote
181Manmeetgirlsoulmate0Register to vote
182MansfieldgirlIrish0Register to vote
183Mansigirlplucked flowerNative-American0Register to vote
184ManuelagirlGod is with usSpanish1Register to vote
185ManushigirlHindu0Register to vote
186ManyalakshmigirlgoodHindu0Register to vote
187Manziegirl0Register to vote
188Maragirlsea, from the sea; sorrowfulGaelic, Hebrew2Register to vote
189Marabethgirl1Register to vote
190MaracagirlAmerican0Register to vote
191Marahannagirlthe pureness in life1Register to vote
192Maralingirl1Register to vote
193Maralinngirl0Register to vote
194Maralyngirl1Register to vote
195Maralynngirl0Register to vote
196Marasongirl0Register to vote
197MarayagirlAmerican0Register to vote
198MarceliagirlAfrican, American, English1Register to vote
199Marcelinegirlcan call her "Marcy"American1Register to vote
200MarcellagirlGod of war; little hammerLatin5Register to vote
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