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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Mackenziegirl84Register to vote
2Madisongirlson of a mighty warrior; son of MaudGerman75Register to vote
3MiagirlmineItalian61Register to vote
4Megangirlmighty, strong able, pearlGreek, Gaelic, Welsh31Register to vote
5Macygirlthe oceanAmerican29Register to vote
6Mollygirlvariant of Mary26Register to vote
7Mary-Margaretgirl21Register to vote
8Madelinegirlone who is elevated, a high towerHebrew20Register to vote
9Melaniegirldressed in black, darkGreek18Register to vote
10Morgangirlwhite sea; bright, dweller by the seaGaelic, Welsh16Register to vote
11MaddiegirlNever gives up.American15Register to vote
12Mariegirlform of MaryFrench14Register to vote
13Maleahgirlunique little girl, beautiful young woman14Register to vote
14Marissagirlof the seaLatin13Register to vote
15McKenziegirl13Register to vote
16Maegirl12Register to vote
17McKennagirl12Register to vote
18Mabelgirlmy fair maid; lovelyFrench10Register to vote
19Matildagirlmighty in battleTeutonic10Register to vote
20Melissagirlbee, honeyGreek10Register to vote
21Madalyngirl10Register to vote
22Michellegirlfeminine of MichaelFrench10Register to vote
23MabgirljoyGaelic9Register to vote
24Mariahgirl9Register to vote
25Madysongirlalternate spelling of MadisonAmerican, English9Register to vote
26Makaylagirl8Register to vote
27Mallorygirlarmy counseler, without good fortuneGerman8Register to vote
28Madelinegirl7Register to vote
29Marianagirl7Register to vote
30Mercygirlcompassion, pity, compassionateEnglish, French, Latin7Register to vote
31Madasyngirl7Register to vote
32Maggiegirla pearlGreek7Register to vote
33Mallygirl6Register to vote
34Magnoliagirla flowerFrench6Register to vote
35Margaretgirlchild of light; pearlPersian, Latin6Register to vote
36Myragirlwonderful; quiet songLatin6Register to vote
37Macigirl6Register to vote
38Madelyngirl6Register to vote
39MelodygirlsongGreek6Register to vote
40MonicagirladviceLatin6Register to vote
41Michaelagirllike GodHebrew6Register to vote
42Madalynngirlgenerous, kind,athleic, tough, and passionateAmerican, French6Register to vote
43Macariagirldaughter of Hercules and DeianaraGreek6Register to vote
44MagdalenagirlPolish5Register to vote
45Michelegirl5Register to vote
46MarcellagirlGod of war; little hammerLatin5Register to vote
47MeekahgirlNative-American5Register to vote
48Marengirlsea5Register to vote
49MabrygirlAmerican5Register to vote
50MariagirlbitterHebrew5Register to vote
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