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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Naigirl1Register to vote
2Nadejagirl3Register to vote
3Nell-Anngirl0Register to vote
4Nirvelligirlwater child0Register to vote
5Navitagirl0Register to vote
6Naveagirl0Register to vote
7Nishthagirl0Register to vote
8Nylagirl2Register to vote
9Nadianngirl1Register to vote
10Nawaalgirl0Register to vote
11Noahgirl6Register to vote
12Norahgirl4Register to vote
13Ninnagirl0Register to vote
14Nayeligirl1Register to vote
15Nathaliegirl0Register to vote
16Nataliagirl15Register to vote
17Norwinegirl0Register to vote
18Natalynngirl1Register to vote
19Nadjagirl0Register to vote
20Nimuegirl0Register to vote
21Natashagirl15Register to vote
22Natashyagirl0Register to vote
23Natassiagirl0Register to vote
24Neveyagirl1Register to vote
25Nekiagirl1Register to vote
26Naginigirl0Register to vote
27Nathaliagirl3Register to vote
28Nefariagirl0Register to vote
29Nikolinagirl0Register to vote
30Nicholegirl1Register to vote
31Nyrigirl0Register to vote
32Naveenagirlstrong-willed supporter1Register to vote
33NayelligirlI love you0Register to vote
34Nazishgirl0Register to vote
35Nalagirl2Register to vote
36NakylagirlPronounced (Nah-ky-lah)0Register to vote
37Natalicagirl 1Register to vote
38Nellygirl0Register to vote
39Novyannagirllovely0Register to vote
40NhajelgirlBeautiful0Register to vote
41Namoragirl1Register to vote
42Namoritagirl0Register to vote
43Nabelunggirlbeautiful oneAfrican2Register to vote
44Nubiagirlbeautifull, wise,athleticAfrican0Register to vote
45NarkeashagirlprettyAfrican0Register to vote
46NokutendagirlBy faithAfrican0Register to vote
47NailahgirlsucceedingAfrican0Register to vote
48NadharigirlVisionAfrican1Register to vote
49NykyagirlAfrican0Register to vote
50Nyasiagirlloveable and gorgeousAfrican, American0Register to vote
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