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51Naragirlnear one; joyous; place nameEnglish1Register to vote
52NarayanigirlHindu0Register to vote
53Narcissagirlself-loveGreek0Register to vote
54Nardagirlfervently anointedLatin1Register to vote
55NardicagirlbeautyTeutonic0Register to vote
56Narellagirlbright oneGreek0Register to vote
57NariagirlLatin, Spanish0Register to vote
58NarkeashagirlprettyAfrican0Register to vote
59Narmadagirlname of a riverHindu0Register to vote
60Nashwagirlwonderful feelingEgyptian0Register to vote
61Nasichegirlborn during locust seasonUgandan0Register to vote
62NasreengirlFlowerArabic0Register to vote
63NatgirlawesomeScottish1Register to vote
64Nataliagirl15Register to vote
65Natalicagirl 1Register to vote
66Nataliegirlbirthday, child born at ChristmasLatin50Register to vote
67Natalynngirl1Register to vote
68NatanegirldaughterNative-American2Register to vote
69Nataniellagirlgift of GodHebrew0Register to vote
70NatanyagirlA gift from GodArabic0Register to vote
71Natashagirl15Register to vote
72Natashyagirl0Register to vote
73Natassiagirl0Register to vote
74Nathaliagirl3Register to vote
75Nathaliegirl0Register to vote
76NathaniagirlGift of the LordHebrew1Register to vote
77Natiagirlthe letter's used from my mother's name "Anita"American1Register to vote
78NaticagirlChristmas childLatin0Register to vote
79Natsukogirlchild of NayoJapanese0Register to vote
80NattilygirlAmerican0Register to vote
81NavdeepgirlHindu0Register to vote
82Naveagirl0Register to vote
83Naveenagirlstrong-willed supporter1Register to vote
84NavikagirlHindu1Register to vote
85Navitagirl0Register to vote
86NavyagirlnewHindu0Register to vote
87Nawaalgirl0Register to vote
88NayanagirlAfrican, Hawaiian1Register to vote
89Nayeligirl1Register to vote
90NayelligirlI love you0Register to vote
91Nayokogirlchild of NayoJapanese0Register to vote
92Naysagirlmiracle of GodHebrew2Register to vote
93NayshlagirlBeautiful,JoyLatin0Register to vote
94Nazirahgirlequal, likeArabic1Register to vote
95Nazishgirl0Register to vote
96NealagirlchampionGaelic2Register to vote
97NearygirlCeltic, English, Greek, Irish0Register to vote
98NeathagirlIrish0Register to vote
99NebraskagirlCute, little, smart oneAmerican, Polish0Register to vote
100Necigirlintense, fieryLatin2Register to vote
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