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1Nataliegirlbirthday, child born at ChristmasLatin50Register to vote
2Nicolegirlvictorious peopleGreek25Register to vote
3Naomigirlpleasant one; above all, beautyHebrew, Japanese21Register to vote
4Noellegirlborn on ChristmasFrench19Register to vote
5Nevaeh girla beautiful angel or heaven spelled backwardsLatin16Register to vote
6Natashagirl15Register to vote
7Nataliagirl15Register to vote
8NeveahgirlHeaven spelled backwardsAmerican12Register to vote
9Nancygirlfull of graceHebrew8Register to vote
10Noahgirl6Register to vote
11NoellagirlChristmasFrench6Register to vote
12NadinegirlhopeSlavic5Register to vote
13NadiagirlhopeSlavic4Register to vote
14Noragirlthe bright one; honor, lightGreek, Latin4Register to vote
15Nolagirlnoble or famousCeltic4Register to vote
16Norahgirl4Register to vote
17Nicolettegirlpeople's victoryGreek4Register to vote
18NadagirlhopeSlavonic3Register to vote
19NehagirlrainHindu3Register to vote
20Nadejagirl3Register to vote
21Nathaliagirl3Register to vote
22Nevegirla Scottish twinkle of a star in the dark moonlight Irish3Register to vote
23Nadezdagirlone with hopeCzech3Register to vote
24Nissagirlelf, fairyScandinavian3Register to vote
25Noelanigirlbeautiful girl from heavenHawaiian2Register to vote
26Nylagirl2Register to vote
27NoelgirlbeautifulAmerican, German2Register to vote
28NaiyagirlThe DreamerSpanish2Register to vote
29NabraskagirlAmerican, Polish2Register to vote
30NatanegirldaughterNative-American2Register to vote
31NevadagirlsnowyLatin2Register to vote
32Nevagirlcovered with snowSpanish2Register to vote
33Nabelunggirlbeautiful oneAfrican2Register to vote
34Necigirlintense, fieryLatin2Register to vote
35Nanakogirlchild of NanaJapanese2Register to vote
36Ninagirlgirl; graceSpanish, Hebrew2Register to vote
37NikkitagirlA angelSpanish2Register to vote
38Nikkigirltrue beautyAmerican2Register to vote
39Nalagirl2Register to vote
40NealagirlchampionGaelic2Register to vote
41Naysagirlmiracle of GodHebrew2Register to vote
42NaiagirlflowingGreek2Register to vote
43Nitagirlangel of precious stoneNative-American2Register to vote
44NainagirleyesHindu1Register to vote
45NayanagirlAfrican, Hawaiian1Register to vote
46NiagirlpurposeSwahili1Register to vote
47Naimahgirlliving a soft, enjoyable lifeArabic1Register to vote
48Neveyagirl1Register to vote
49Nettagirla plant or shrubHebrew1Register to vote
50NikitagirlHindu1Register to vote
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