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1Nabelunggirlbeautiful oneAfrican2Register to vote
2NabraskagirlAmerican, Polish2Register to vote
3NadagirlhopeSlavonic3Register to vote
4Nadejagirl3Register to vote
5Nadezdagirlone with hopeCzech3Register to vote
6NadharigirlVisionAfrican1Register to vote
7NadiagirlhopeSlavic4Register to vote
8Nadianngirl1Register to vote
9Nadilynngirlvariation of MadelynAmerican0Register to vote
10NadinegirlhopeSlavic5Register to vote
11Nadjagirl0Register to vote
12Nafeezagirlprecious thingArabic0Register to vote
13NagihangirlTurkish0Register to vote
14Naginigirl0Register to vote
15Nahlani girlfrom NaliniAmerican, Hindu0Register to vote
16Nahokogirlchild of NahoJapanese0Register to vote
17Naigirl1Register to vote
18NaiagirlflowingGreek2Register to vote
19Naidagirlwater nymphGreek0Register to vote
20NailahgirlsucceedingAfrican0Register to vote
21Naimahgirlliving a soft, enjoyable lifeArabic1Register to vote
22NainagirleyesHindu1Register to vote
23NainigirlOne who takes careHungarian1Register to vote
24Nairnegirlfrom the narrow river gladeScottish0Register to vote
25NaiyagirlThe DreamerSpanish2Register to vote
26Nakaylagirlderived from MakaylaAmerican1Register to vote
27NakylagirlPronounced (Nah-ky-lah)0Register to vote
28Nalagirl2Register to vote
29Nalanigirlcalmness of the skiesHawaiian0Register to vote
30Naleighgirl American0Register to vote
31NaleighnagirlPronounced (Ne-Lay-Nah)American0Register to vote
32NalinigirllovelySanskrit0Register to vote
33NamazzigirlwaterUgandan0Register to vote
34NamigirlwaveJapanese1Register to vote
35NamiegirlWaveJapanese0Register to vote
36Namikogirlchild of NamiJapanese0Register to vote
37Namoragirl1Register to vote
38Namoritagirl0Register to vote
39NamratagirlHindu0Register to vote
40NangirlgraceHebrew0Register to vote
41Nanakogirlchild of NanaJapanese2Register to vote
42Nancygirlfull of graceHebrew8Register to vote
43NandinigirlHindu0Register to vote
44NanditagirlHindu0Register to vote
45NanettegirlNative-American0Register to vote
46Nannagirlgraceful oneHebrew0Register to vote
47Nantalegirlclan totem is a lionUgandan0Register to vote
48Naokogirlchild of NaoJapanese0Register to vote
49Naomigirlpleasant one; above all, beautyHebrew, Japanese21Register to vote
50Napeagirlof the valleyLatin1Register to vote
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