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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201ThelmagirlnursingGreek0Register to vote
202Thenagirl0Register to vote
203TheogirlOne who loves animalsAmerican3Register to vote
204Theodoragirlgift of GodGreek5Register to vote
205Theolagirlthe divineGreek1Register to vote
206TheolainagirlMixture of Theo and ElainaGreek0Register to vote
207TheonagirlGodlyGreek1Register to vote
208TheonegirlgodlyGreek0Register to vote
209TheragirlwildGreek0Register to vote
210TheresagirlreaperGreek1Register to vote
211Thigirl0Register to vote
212Thirzagirlsweet-natured, cypress treeHebrew1Register to vote
213Thisbegirlwhere the doves liveGreek0Register to vote
214ThistlegirlthistleEnglish0Register to vote
215ThomasagirltwinGreek0Register to vote
216Thomasinagirlthe twinHebrew0Register to vote
217ThomsongirlFrench0Register to vote
218ThoragirlthunderNorse0Register to vote
219ThorborggirlScandinavian0Register to vote
220ThundergirlVoice of GodAmerican0Register to vote
221Thundragirl0Register to vote
222ThuridgirlScandinavian0Register to vote
223Thyragirlshield-bearerGreek0Register to vote
224ThyrrnigirlScandinavian1Register to vote
225Tiagirlaunt, princessSpanish, Greek1Register to vote
226Tiahamanagirl0Register to vote
227TiajagirlSweet and strong2Register to vote
228Tianagirl3Register to vote
229TiannagirltiaraHebrew2Register to vote
230Tianyugirl0Register to vote
231Tiaragirlturban, flower nameGreek, Latin1Register to vote
232Tiegangirllittle princess in the big valleyAztec0Register to vote
233Tiellegirlprincess 0Register to vote
234Tienettegirlcrowned with laurelGreek0Register to vote
235Tierragirlearth, landSpanish2Register to vote
236Tiesegirla unique oneAfrican0Register to vote
237Tiffanigirl0Register to vote
238Tiffanygirlappearance of GodGreek, French7Register to vote
239Tigergirl0Register to vote
240Tigerlilygirl0Register to vote
241TikkagirlAmerican0Register to vote
242Tildagirlmaid of battlesTeutonic1Register to vote
243TillongirlAmerican0Register to vote
244TimandragirlGreek0Register to vote
245TimerayregirlFrench0Register to vote
246Timolagirlstar African0Register to vote
247Timotheagirlhonoring GodGreek0Register to vote
248TinagirlriverEnglish1Register to vote
249TinekaJawanagirlAfrican0Register to vote
250Tinellegirl0Register to vote
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