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151Tekoagirl0Register to vote
152Temagirlrighteous, a palm treeHebrew0Register to vote
153TeminagirlhonestHebrew1Register to vote
154TemiragirlHebrew1Register to vote
155TemperancegirlmoderationEnglish0Register to vote
156TempestgirlstormFrench4Register to vote
157Templagirltemple or sanctuaryLatin0Register to vote
158TenaegirlAmerican1Register to vote
159Tenekagirl0Register to vote
160TennilegirlLittle starEnglish1Register to vote
161TennillegirlAmerican0Register to vote
162TerahgirlAbraham's FatherHebrew1Register to vote
163TeralyngirlMix of tera(means earth) and kaylynn English, Latin0Register to vote
164Tereixagirl0Register to vote
165TerenagirlearthlyLatin0Register to vote
166TerentiagirlguardianGreek1Register to vote
167Teresgirl0Register to vote
168TeresagirlharvesterGreek2Register to vote
169TerhigirlFinish0Register to vote
170TerigirlharvesterGreek0Register to vote
171TeriagirlAfrican, American, English0Register to vote
172TernitagirlAfrican0Register to vote
173TerragirlearthLatin0Register to vote
174Terreancegirl0Register to vote
175Terrigirl0Register to vote
176Terrileegirl0Register to vote
177TerrilynngirlAmerican0Register to vote
178TerrionagirlA Wonderful PersonAmerican, Spanish1Register to vote
179Terrygirl0Register to vote
180Terrylgirl0Register to vote
181Terrylyngirl0Register to vote
182Tertiagirlthe thirdLatin0Register to vote
183Tesiagirlloved by GodPolish1Register to vote
184Teslagirlafter an inventor, a band and a carRussian0Register to vote
185Tessgirlfourth bornGreek3Register to vote
186TessagirlcountessItalian7Register to vote
187Texceangirl0Register to vote
188TeyannagirlAfrican, English1Register to vote
189TeynikagirlAfrican0Register to vote
190TeyonnagirlprettyAmerican1Register to vote
191Tezlagirllovable0Register to vote
192ThadinegirlpraisedHebrew0Register to vote
193ThadiousegirlAmerican0Register to vote
194Thaisgirlthe bondGreek0Register to vote
195Thalassagirlfrom the seaGreek1Register to vote
196Thaliagirlblooming, plentifulGreek8Register to vote
197Thangirldeath, brilliantGreek, Vietnamese0Register to vote
198ThanagirlgratitudeArabic1Register to vote
199TharagirlwealthArabic1Register to vote
200Theagirlgoddess, sortGreek, Laos1Register to vote
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