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1Tatumgirlcheerful bringer of joyEnglish19Register to vote
2TaylorgirltailorEnglish16Register to vote
3Tanyagirlfairy princessRussian12Register to vote
4Tabithagirl10Register to vote
5Teagangirl9Register to vote
6Tamaragirlpalm tree, spiceHebrew, Sanskrit9Register to vote
7Taliagirldew from heaven, blooming, near waterHebrew, Greek, Australian Aboriginal9Register to vote
8Thaliagirlblooming, plentifulGreek8Register to vote
9Talongirl8Register to vote
10Tyndellgirl7Register to vote
11Tiffanygirlappearance of GodGreek, French7Register to vote
12TessagirlcountessItalian7Register to vote
13Ta-LeahgirlAmerican6Register to vote
14Taelyngirl5Register to vote
15TaffygirlbelovedWelsh5Register to vote
16Theodoragirlgift of GodGreek5Register to vote
17TorigirlbirdJapanese4Register to vote
18Talithagirlyoung woman, childHebrew4Register to vote
19Tategirlto be cheerful; windy, a great talkerEnglish4Register to vote
20TarevaChinegirlbeautiful eyesNative-American4Register to vote
21TempestgirlstormFrench4Register to vote
22Taragirlrocky hill, towerCeltic, Gaelic, Hindu4Register to vote
23Taceygirl3Register to vote
24TheogirlOne who loves animalsAmerican3Register to vote
25Trixiegirlshe who blessesLatin3Register to vote
26Tahirahgirlchaste, pureArabic3Register to vote
27TamagirlthunderboltNative-American3Register to vote
28Tianagirl3Register to vote
29TabriyagirlPronounced Ta-bree-yaAmerican3Register to vote
30Tessgirlfourth bornGreek3Register to vote
31Talengirl3Register to vote
32Takiyahgirlpious, righteousAfrican3Register to vote
33TehyagirlpreciousNative-American3Register to vote
34TeresagirlharvesterGreek2Register to vote
35TashagirlHindu2Register to vote
36Tawniegirllittle one, yellowish-brownEnglish2Register to vote
37Tylagirlglorious leader.Anglo-Saxon2Register to vote
38TaycegirlsilenceFrench2Register to vote
39TamsyngirlNative-American2Register to vote
40Tammygirlperfect oneHebrew2Register to vote
41Taylargirlto cutFrench2Register to vote
42TiannagirltiaraHebrew2Register to vote
43TacincalagirldeerNative-American2Register to vote
44Taiyagirl2Register to vote
45Tierragirlearth, landSpanish2Register to vote
46Talagirlstalking wolfNative-American2Register to vote
47Tinleygirlfun, bubblyAmerican2Register to vote
48Tatianagirl2Register to vote
49TaryngirlqueenGreek2Register to vote
50TandygirlPr. TAN-dee. From Thandiwe (tuhn-DEE-weh) - meaning 'loving one' in Xhosa. South African.African2Register to vote
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