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101Tapiwanashegirlgod has given us African1Register to vote
102TaptigirlHindu0Register to vote
103Taragirlrocky hill, towerCeltic, Gaelic, Hindu4Register to vote
104Taralenegirl1Register to vote
105TarevaChinegirlbeautiful eyesNative-American4Register to vote
106Tarinagirl1Register to vote
107Tarinegirl0Register to vote
108Taritagirl0Register to vote
109Tarrinygirl0Register to vote
110TarshagirlNative-American1Register to vote
111TaryngirlqueenGreek2Register to vote
112TashagirlHindu2Register to vote
113TashantagirlAmerican0Register to vote
114Tassiegirl0Register to vote
115Tategirlto be cheerful; windy, a great talkerEnglish4Register to vote
116Tatendagirlwe are thankfulAfrican0Register to vote
117Tatigirl0Register to vote
118Tatianagirl2Register to vote
119Tatomgirl0Register to vote
120TatsuyegirlBorn in Year of DragonJapanese0Register to vote
121Tatumgirlcheerful bringer of joyEnglish19Register to vote
122TaviagirlgreatLatin1Register to vote
123TavishigirlEnglish1Register to vote
124Tawniegirllittle one, yellowish-brownEnglish2Register to vote
125TawniigirlForm of Connie 0Register to vote
126Tawnygirl1Register to vote
127TayagirlEnglish0Register to vote
128TaycegirlsilenceFrench2Register to vote
129Tayengirlnew moonNative-American1Register to vote
130Taylagirlcross between Kayla and Taylor2Register to vote
131Taylargirlto cutFrench2Register to vote
132Taylengirl1Register to vote
133Taylergirl1Register to vote
134TaylingirlGirl name0Register to vote
135TaylorgirltailorEnglish16Register to vote
136TayniagirlTamed; gentleAmerican0Register to vote
137Téagirlgift of godGreek0Register to vote
138Teagangirl9Register to vote
139Tealgirl0Register to vote
140Teaneygirl Scottish0Register to vote
141Tearnygirl1Register to vote
142TeashagirlloveAmerican0Register to vote
143Teddigirl0Register to vote
144TeddygirlLove, HopeAmerican0Register to vote
145TehanigirlMy love2Register to vote
146TehyagirlpreciousNative-American3Register to vote
147TeigangirlBeautiful starWelsh0Register to vote
148Tejalgirl0Register to vote
149TejigirlHindu0Register to vote
150Teklagirldivine fameGreek0Register to vote
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