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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Yadishagirl0Register to vote
2Yaleenagirl0Register to vote
3Yalainagirl0Register to vote
4YamilethgirlBeautiful0Register to vote
5Yammagirl0Register to vote
6Yasiriagirl0Register to vote
7YasmeengirlFlower0Register to vote
8Yasingirl0Register to vote
9Ylexiagirl0Register to vote
10Yaravigirl0Register to vote
11YulliannagirlAfrican, American, Latin, Native-American0Register to vote
12YeilynnettegirlAmerican0Register to vote
13Yannagirlgraceful young maidenAmerican0Register to vote
14Yalethagirlform of OlethaAmerican0Register to vote
15YannigirlAmerican, Chinese2Register to vote
16YanaliesegirlAmerican, Chinese0Register to vote
17YanceliquegirlAngelique + YanceyArabic0Register to vote
18YaragirlSmall ButterflyArabic1Register to vote
19YannahgirlChild who saves.Arabic, Basque, Dutch0Register to vote
20Yaritzagirlassociated with waterArabic, Spanish0Register to vote
21YeogirlFlower Celtic, Chinese0Register to vote
22YanggirlsunChinese1Register to vote
23YoshicagirlintelligentChinese0Register to vote
24Yifangirlsunshine princess loveChinese0Register to vote
25YailynngirllightCzech2Register to vote
26YarisolgirlsunEnglish0Register to vote
27YeddagirlsingingEnglish0Register to vote
28YonglegirljoyEnglish1Register to vote
29YonnavnegirlFlower of HopeFrench0Register to vote
30Yvonnegirlyoung archerFrench1Register to vote
31Yarisgirlfriendship,love,assistanceFrench0Register to vote
32YaweigirlFrench, Japanese0Register to vote
33YzmagirlBright eyedGaelic, Polish0Register to vote
34Yolandagirlviolet flower, modestGreek4Register to vote
35YelenagirlGreek0Register to vote
36Yalenagirlform of HelenGreek, Russian1Register to vote
37YachnegirlgraciousHebrew3Register to vote
38YahliegirlMy source of lightHebrew2Register to vote
39YaffagirlbeautifulHebrew3Register to vote
40YadiragirlfriendHebrew3Register to vote
41YarkonagirlgreenHebrew0Register to vote
42YovelagirlrejoicingHebrew0Register to vote
43YakiragirlpreciousHebrew3Register to vote
44YoninahgirldoveHebrew0Register to vote
45YahneissigirlGod is my banner.Hebrew3Register to vote
46Yesminagirlright hand, strengthHebrew2Register to vote
47YemenagirlHebrew1Register to vote
48YdelgirlpraiseHebrew0Register to vote
49YavonnagirlHebrew0Register to vote
50YajairagirlHebrew1Register to vote
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