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51Henryboyruler of the homeGerman24Register to vote
52Landonboylong hillEnglish24Register to vote
53Edwardboyguardian of prosperity, guardian of the mistsEnglish23Register to vote
54Cadenboy23Register to vote
55Christianboyanointed, follows ChristGreek23Register to vote
56Dominicboyof the lordLatin, Italian22Register to vote
57LeoboyGerman22Register to vote
58 adrian boystrongAmerican22Register to vote
59ZaneboyGod's grace, sea-friendHebrew, English22Register to vote
60Damianboytamer, divine power, fateGreek22Register to vote
61DeclanboygoodnessGaelic22Register to vote
62Caydenboyspirit of battleGaelic20Register to vote
63Williamboyvaliant protectorTeutonic20Register to vote
64Jaceboy20Register to vote
65Valfridboystrong peaceSwedish20Register to vote
66Aaronboyshining light, high mountain, messengerHebrew, Arabic19Register to vote
67Owenboywarrior; well bornWelsh, Greek19Register to vote
68RyderboyhorsemanEnglish19Register to vote
69Samuelboyhis name is GodHebrew18Register to vote
70Brandonboyfiery hill, swordEnglish18Register to vote
71Nathanboygift of GodHebrew17Register to vote
72Xavierboybright, new houseArabic, Basque17Register to vote
73Adrianboyrich, wealthy, dark oneGreek, Latin17Register to vote
74LeviboyunitedHebrew17Register to vote
75Peytonboyform of PatrickScottish16Register to vote
76Sebastianboyrevered oneLatin16Register to vote
77Kadenboy15Register to vote
78Justinboyjust, trueHebrew15Register to vote
79VincentboyconqueringLatin15Register to vote
80Evanboyyoung warrior, well-bornCeltic, Greek15Register to vote
81Ashtonboyash treeEnglish15Register to vote
82Maxboythe greatestLatin15Register to vote
83MaddoxboybeneficientCeltic15Register to vote
84Isaacboylaughing oneHebrew15Register to vote
85Aidanboyhelp, little fireIrish, Gaelic15Register to vote
86Jasperboysemi-precious stoneEnglish15Register to vote
87Kaneboytribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautifulGaelic, Japanese, Hawaiian, Welsh14Register to vote
88BeckettboyIrish14Register to vote
89Prestonboydweller at the church, priest's settlementEnglish14Register to vote
90Adamboyearth, created by GodHebrew14Register to vote
91JulianboyyouthfulLatin14Register to vote
92HunterboyhunterEnglish14Register to vote
93Baileyboybailiff, fortification, ableFrench14Register to vote
94Spencerboydispenser, keeperEnglish13Register to vote
95Lincolnboyhome by the pondEnglish13Register to vote
96Bradleyboybroad meadowEnglish13Register to vote
97Bentleyboyfrom the moorEnglish13Register to vote
98Cameronboybent noseEnglish13Register to vote
99Haydenboythe rosy meadowEnglish13Register to vote
100SawyerboywoodsmanEnglish12Register to vote
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