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101Jakeboyform of JacobHebrew12Register to vote
102Asherboyfortunate, lucky, blessed, happyHebrew12Register to vote
103ZacharyboyGod remembers, renowned by GodHebrew12Register to vote
104Rylanboydweller in the rye fieldEnglish12Register to vote
105GrantboygreatLatin12Register to vote
106Jettboyjet black gemEnglish12Register to vote
107LukeboyluminousLatin12Register to vote
108NolanboynobleGaelic12Register to vote
109Kieranboysmall and dark-skinnedGaelic12Register to vote
110Brendanboylittle ravenGaelic12Register to vote
111Jonahboya doveHebrew12Register to vote
112SawyerboywoodsmanEnglish12Register to vote
113DakotaboyfriendNative-American12Register to vote
114AakarshanboyattractionHindu11Register to vote
115Holdenboykindly, graciousTeutonic11Register to vote
116Gabeboyfrom the name GabrielHebrew11Register to vote
117Zionboya signHebrew11Register to vote
118Xanderboyfrom Alexander11Register to vote
119JudeboypraiseHebrew11Register to vote
120BraxtonboyBrock's townAnglo-Saxon11Register to vote
121DevinboypoetGaelic11Register to vote
122JohnboyGod is mercifulHebrew11Register to vote
123AaryanboyIllustrious,StrongHindu11Register to vote
124Kybaboy11Register to vote
125ZaydenboyHebrew11Register to vote
126Ronanboya pledgeCeltic11Register to vote
127JeremyboyGod will uplift, appointed by GodHebrew11Register to vote
128Josiahboyfire of the LordHebrew11Register to vote
129EliboyelevationHebrew11Register to vote
130Brodyboy11Register to vote
131Alexboyprotector of mankind (from the name Alexander)Greek11Register to vote
132DamienboyuntamedFrench11Register to vote
133JaxenboyGod has been gracious11Register to vote
134ColtonboyAmerican, Celtic, English, Gaelic, Irish, Scottish11Register to vote
135Kaleboystrong and manlyHawaiian11Register to vote
136Eastonboy11Register to vote
137Talonboy10Register to vote
138Charlieboynickname for CharlesGerman, English10Register to vote
139Romanboya citizen of RomeItalian10Register to vote
140Jamisonboyson of JamesEnglish10Register to vote
141Jamesonboyson of JamesEnglish10Register to vote
142CadeboypureWelsh10Register to vote
143Zackboy10Register to vote
144Anthonyboypriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin10Register to vote
145MarcusboywarlikeLatin10Register to vote
146Jeremiahboyexalted of the LordHebrew10Register to vote
147Isaiahboysalvation of the LordEnglish, Hebrew10Register to vote
148Samboyto hearHebrew10Register to vote
149KylerboyarcherDutch10Register to vote
150Gageboya pledge, a pawnEnglish10Register to vote
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