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151CadeboypureWelsh10Register to vote
152Zackboy10Register to vote
153Anthonyboypriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin10Register to vote
154Nicholasboyvictorious peopleGreek10Register to vote
155Jeremiahboyexalted of the LordHebrew10Register to vote
156Blazeboya flameAmerican10Register to vote
157Andrewboymanly, valiant, courageousGreek, French10Register to vote
158DanteboylastingItalian9Register to vote
159Ezekielboystrength of GodHebrew9Register to vote
160Theodoreboygift of GodGreek9Register to vote
161Ericboyever-powerfulScandinavian9Register to vote
162Ryanboylittle kingGaelic9Register to vote
163Cooperboycask, barrel makerLatin9Register to vote
164Tristanboynoisy one, laborerWelsh, Latin9Register to vote
165Alaricboynoble rulerGerman9Register to vote
166Donovanboydark warriorGaelic9Register to vote
167Zachariahboyremembered by the LordHebrew9Register to vote
168Reeseboyardent oneWelsh9Register to vote
169Antonioboyworthy of praiseSpanish9Register to vote
170Beauboyhandsome, beautifulFrench9Register to vote
171Jaredboyone who rulesHebrew9Register to vote
172Micahboy9Register to vote
173JoelboyGod is willing, Jehovah is the LordHebrew9Register to vote
174Georgeboyfarmer, to work the earthGreek9Register to vote
175Zanderboyform of AlexanderGreek9Register to vote
176AugustboyexaltedLatin9Register to vote
177Garrettboy9Register to vote
178Wesleyboywest meadowEnglish9Register to vote
179BrianboystrongCeltic8Register to vote
180SeamusboyIrish8Register to vote
181Kennethboyhandsome; born of fire; royal oathGaelic, Scottish, English8Register to vote
182Cristianboyfollower of ChristSpanish8Register to vote
183FinnboylaplanderNorwegian8Register to vote
184Nathanielboygift of GodHebrew8Register to vote
185Baldwinboybold friendGerman8Register to vote
186JasonboyGod is my Savior, healerHebrew8Register to vote
187RaydonboyProtecting Hands; pronounced : ray-dunEnglish8Register to vote
188Willboydetermined guardianTeutonic8Register to vote
189Aldenboyantique, old, wise protector, old friendEnglish8Register to vote
190FelixboyhappyLatin8Register to vote
191JosephboyGod will increaseHebrew8Register to vote
192Bradenboyfrom the broad valleyEnglish8Register to vote
193JeffreyboyGod's peaceTeutonic8Register to vote
194Parkerboycultivated landEnglish7Register to vote
195Westonboyresidence nameEnglish7Register to vote
196Kaelanboyslender, fairGaelic7Register to vote
197BryceboyspeckledWelsh7Register to vote
198Alastairboyprotector of mankind, defender, helperScottish7Register to vote
199Presleyboy7Register to vote
200Juanboyform of JohnSpanish7Register to vote
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