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251ReeceboyenthusiasticWelsh6Register to vote
252Emilioboywinning one or flattererSpanish6Register to vote
253JustinboyAfrican, American6Register to vote
254BabulboyGate of GodHindu6Register to vote
255Kellyboybrave warriorIrish6Register to vote
256Knoxboyfrom the hillsEnglish6Register to vote
257Lelandboyfrom the meadow landEnglish6Register to vote
258ZadenboyAmerican6Register to vote
259Kodaboyblack bearNative-American6Register to vote
260GalenboycalmGaelic6Register to vote
261Garretboyspear championAnglo-Saxon6Register to vote
262Haddenboychild of the heather-filled valleyEnglish6Register to vote
263Graysonboyson of the bailiffEnglish6Register to vote
264Gradyboynoble, illustriousGaelic6Register to vote
265VictorboyvictorLatin6Register to vote
266DarianboywealthyPersian6Register to vote
267Deanboypresiding official, valleyLatin6Register to vote
268OttoboyprosperousTeutonic6Register to vote
269JoshboyGod saves; nickname for JoshuaHebrew6Register to vote
270Patrickboynoble oneLatin6Register to vote
271Dimitriboylove of the earthGreek6Register to vote
272Chandlerboycandle makerFrench6Register to vote
273EliasboyJehovah is GodHebrew6Register to vote
274Caseyboybrave, watchfulCeltic, Gaelic6Register to vote
275Diegoboythe suplanterSpanish6Register to vote
276Harrisonboyson of HarryEnglish5Register to vote
277Benboyson ofHebrew5Register to vote
278TerrenceboytenderLatin5Register to vote
279Marcboy5Register to vote
280Demetriusboylover of the earth, given to the Earth goddessGreek5Register to vote
281ShaneboyGod is graciousIrish5Register to vote
282Connerboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverCeltic5Register to vote
283DamekboyearthCzech5Register to vote
284Thatcherboyroof fixerEnglish5Register to vote
285Griffinboymythological beastGreek5Register to vote
286Jacyboythe moonNative-American5Register to vote
287DarrellboydarlingFrench5Register to vote
288DarrelboybelovedEnglish5Register to vote
289WestboyEnglish5Register to vote
290Alecboyprotector of menGreek5Register to vote
291Jaleelboygreat, fineArabic5Register to vote
292LewisboywarriorGerman5Register to vote
293Gunnerboybattle strongSwedish5Register to vote
294Hudsonboy5Register to vote
295Ansonboyson of a nobleman, son of Ann or HansAnglo-Saxon5Register to vote
296ToddboyfoxEnglish5Register to vote
297TobyboyGod is goodHebrew5Register to vote
298TaylorboytailorEnglish5Register to vote
299VadinboyspeakerHindu5Register to vote
300Shawnboy5Register to vote
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