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651JohannagirlGod's gracious giftHebrew5Register to vote
652EilishgirlIrish5Register to vote
653CalandragirllarkGreek5Register to vote
654EmelyngirlAmerican5Register to vote
655Keelygirlbeautiful and gracefulGaelic5Register to vote
656Sailorgirl5Register to vote
657AlahnnagirlHawaiian5Register to vote
658Callidoragirlgift of beautyGreek5Register to vote
659Kayagirlmy elder sister-littleNative-American5Register to vote
660Camillagirl5Register to vote
661Camillegirlattendant at a religious ceremonyLatin5Register to vote
662LorigirlAmerican5Register to vote
663Selahgirlfrom Psalms in the Bible meaning pause and calmly think of that5Register to vote
664Kylagirlnarrow, narrow channel, honor, lovelyGaelic, English, Scottish5Register to vote
665Kaydengirl5Register to vote
666XyrissegirlIdealism and the urge to help othersAfrican5Register to vote
667Carissagirltender touchFrench5Register to vote
668CaeliegirlpartyGaelic5Register to vote
669CarleighgirlfreeholderGerman5Register to vote
670ZafinagirlvictoriousArabic4Register to vote
671YurigirllilyJapanese4Register to vote
672Marleygirl4Register to vote
673Harrietgirlhome ruler4Register to vote
674Xyzagirlby the sea4Register to vote
675Zandragirldefender of mankindGreek4Register to vote
676Irelandgirl4Register to vote
677XeniagirlhospitableGreek4Register to vote
678Hermionegirleloquence4Register to vote
679Yvettegirlyew, archerTeutonic4Register to vote
680Daphnegirllaurel, bay tree, victoryGreek4Register to vote
681Zaharagirlshining, luminousArabic4Register to vote
682Madelainegirl4Register to vote
683ZangirlHebrew4Register to vote
684Makenzigirl4Register to vote
685MarygirlbitterHebrew4Register to vote
686Anjollegirlpretty angelFrench4Register to vote
687Melodiegirl4Register to vote
688Anabellagirllovely graceLatin4Register to vote
689Winifredgirlfriend of peaceEnglish4Register to vote
690AvelinegirlhazelFrench4Register to vote
691Dabriagirlname of an angelLatin4Register to vote
692Yolandagirlviolet flower, modestGreek4Register to vote
693ZambdagirlmeditationHebrew4Register to vote
694AzaleagirldemocracyArabic4Register to vote
695Xiu Meigirlbeautiful plumChinese4Register to vote
696Mayagirldivine creative force in everythingHindu4Register to vote
697BambigirlchildItalian4Register to vote
698Clairagirl4Register to vote
699Zolagirlball of earthItalian4Register to vote
700BaylyngirlAmerican4Register to vote
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