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601Keelygirlbeautiful and gracefulGaelic5Register to vote
602MagdalenagirlPolish5Register to vote
603Rosemarygirldew of the seaLatin5Register to vote
604Rosemariegirl5Register to vote
605EmelyngirlAmerican5Register to vote
606Abbielgirl5Register to vote
607Lanettegirl5Register to vote
608OceangirlArabic, Celtic, Hindu, Irish5Register to vote
609Skylagirlsky, shelteringEnglish5Register to vote
610Claragirl5Register to vote
611AureliagirlgoldLatin5Register to vote
612Flannerygirlsheet of metal, flat landFrench5Register to vote
613KimgirlchiefEnglish5Register to vote
614TaffygirlbelovedWelsh5Register to vote
615Kaydengirl5Register to vote
616Taelyngirl5Register to vote
617CaeliegirlpartyGaelic5Register to vote
618LorelleigirlMythological siren that lured sailors. Also means from the rocky cliff.German, Latin5Register to vote
619Kalanigirlstanding strong without fearAmerican, Chinese5Register to vote
620Cosettegirl5Register to vote
621AliannahgirlAmerican5Register to vote
622Vanessagirla butterflyGreek5Register to vote
623Hadassagirlflowering myrtleHebrew5Register to vote
624LoraleigirlLatin5Register to vote
625JaelyngirlLatin5Register to vote
626Beatrixgirlshe who blessesLatin5Register to vote
627MariagirlbitterHebrew5Register to vote
628Daniellagirl5Register to vote
629Zarahgirl5Register to vote
630Ingridgirlhero's daughter, a meadowTeutonic5Register to vote
631Zeldagirlgray warriorGerman5Register to vote
632Ilsegirlshort for ElizabethGerman5Register to vote
633Jadengirl5Register to vote
634Danigirl5Register to vote
635Jaimegirl5Register to vote
636Mercedesgirlransom; virgin MaryLatin5Register to vote
637Abriellegirl5Register to vote
638CarleighgirlfreeholderGerman5Register to vote
639JoygirljoyEnglish5Register to vote
640Octaviagirleighth childLatin5Register to vote
641Jorjagirl5Register to vote
642Parnikagirlauspicious ApsaraHindu5Register to vote
643Jeffiegirl5Register to vote
644Jewellgirl5Register to vote
645Carissagirltender touchFrench5Register to vote
646JohannagirlGod's gracious giftHebrew5Register to vote
647JulianagirlyouthfulLatin5Register to vote
648CalandragirllarkGreek5Register to vote
649PenelopegirlweaverGreek5Register to vote
650Juliegirlform of Julia5Register to vote
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