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2051Sandygirl2Register to vote
2052Bella-nègirl2Register to vote
2053JameshagirlAmerican, Anglo-Saxon2Register to vote
2054KailagirlMidnightGreek2Register to vote
2055ReileygirlwritingAmerican, Spanish2Register to vote
2056KaalomygirlHawianHawaiian2Register to vote
2057NabraskagirlAmerican, Polish2Register to vote
2058LiylagirlGracious Lily,Purity and beauty.Hawaiian2Register to vote
2059SelimagirlpeaceArabic2Register to vote
2060Vandeshagirlkind sweet and loving2Register to vote
2061Kynthiagirlborn under the sign of cancerGreek2Register to vote
2062Karigen girlBeautifulAmerican2Register to vote
2063Lailiegirlborn during lightHebrew2Register to vote
2064Lakeeshagirlvariant of LeticiaAfrican American2Register to vote
2065LakotagirlfriendNative-American2Register to vote
2066KarcynngirlAmerican2Register to vote
2067Laragirlwell-known, name of a nymphLatin2Register to vote
2068EastongirlAmerican2Register to vote
2069PennelopegirlStrongGreek2Register to vote
2070Elliannagirlmy god has answered me2Register to vote
2071Larinagirlsea gullLatin2Register to vote
2072Za'RiyagirlAfrican2Register to vote
2073JuelissagirlSpanish2Register to vote
2074MeilanagirlEnglish2Register to vote
2075Lauriegirl2Register to vote
2076Laurindagirlcrowned with laurel, praiseLatin2Register to vote
2077LavanigirlgraceHindu2Register to vote
2078LingirlGreek2Register to vote
2079Lavendargirl2Register to vote
2080Lavernegirlfrom the alder grove, spring-likeFrench2Register to vote
2081Lavongirl2Register to vote
2082Quincygirldifferent,uniqueGerman2Register to vote
2083Laynagirllight, truthGreek2Register to vote
2084Leandragirllion womanGreek2Register to vote
2085LeAnngirl2Register to vote
2086Leegirlglade; poet, plum, meadowEnglish, Anglo-Saxon2Register to vote
2087Leesagirl2Register to vote
2088La'TaylagirlflowerAmerican2Register to vote
2089Lelagirl2Register to vote
2090Lemuelagirldedicated to GodHebrew2Register to vote
2091ZahreyeagirlAfrican2Register to vote
2092LeolagirllionLatin2Register to vote
2093Leonagirl2Register to vote
2094Leoniegirlthe lionLatin2Register to vote
2095Stargirl2Register to vote
2096LindagirlprettySpanish2Register to vote
2097Stefaniegirl2Register to vote
2098LinnegirlScandinavian2Register to vote
2099Linneagirllime tree, national flower of SwedenNorwegian2Register to vote
2100Lioragirl2Register to vote
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