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151Fallongirlgrandchild of the ruler, in chargeCeltic16Register to vote
152BrooklynngirlwaterEnglish16Register to vote
153HaleygirlheroScandinavian16Register to vote
154KategirlpureGreek16Register to vote
155Elisegirlform of ElizabethFrench16Register to vote
156A'JagirlAfrican16Register to vote
157Kiragirllight; sunLatin16Register to vote
158Morgangirlwhite sea; bright, dweller by the seaGaelic, Welsh16Register to vote
159Nevaeh girla beautiful angel or heaven spelled backwardsLatin16Register to vote
160Evelyngirllively, pleasant, life givingCeltic, Hebrew16Register to vote
161Sashagirl16Register to vote
162Genevievegirlwhite waveFrench16Register to vote
163Aprilgirlblooming, openingLatin16Register to vote
164Alicegirlnoble, truthGerman, Greek16Register to vote
165Darlenegirltenderly beloved, little darlingAnglo-Saxon16Register to vote
166BrookegirlStream16Register to vote
167Lovegirlloved oneEnglish16Register to vote
168Courtneygirlfrom the courtEnglish15Register to vote
169Adalaidegirlnoble, variant of HeidiEnglish15Register to vote
170HadleygirlMeadow of Heather15Register to vote
171Natashagirl15Register to vote
172Hollygirlplant with red berries, holly groveEnglish15Register to vote
173Addisongirl"noble"German15Register to vote
174Lailagirl15Register to vote
175BridgettegirlFrench15Register to vote
176Cassandragirlprophet of doomGreek15Register to vote
177Nataliagirl15Register to vote
178Blairgirlchild of the fields, from the plainGaelic15Register to vote
179AngelgirlangelicGreek15Register to vote
180Coragirlmaiden, small stoneGreek15Register to vote
181Phoebegirlbright oneGreek15Register to vote
182Eringirlpeace, western islandCeltic, Gaelic15Register to vote
183Sierragirlsaw-tooth mountain rangeSpanish15Register to vote
184Ka'Liyahgirlkind hearted15Register to vote
185Lenagirlalluring, temptress; lightLatin15Register to vote
186Daniellegirlfeminine of DanielHebrew15Register to vote
187Aliviagirlform of OliviaAustralian15Register to vote
188MaddiegirlNever gives up.American15Register to vote
189Ashleygirlash-treeEnglish15Register to vote
190Cadencegirlmelodious, to fallLatin15Register to vote
191Colettegirlvictory of the peopleGreek14Register to vote
192Halliegirlthinking of the seaGreek14Register to vote
193Juliagirlsofthaired, youthful, downy-haired, gentle, youthfulLatin14Register to vote
194KeiragirlBlack HairedIrish14Register to vote
195A'MarianagirlbeautifulAmerican14Register to vote
196CoralinegirlBaby Girl Name. Meaning: From the semi-precious sea growth coral.English14Register to vote
197Cassidygirl14Register to vote
198LilianagirlGracious Lily, Purity, and BeautyLatin14Register to vote
199Calistagirlmost beautifulGreek14Register to vote
200Mariegirlform of MaryFrench14Register to vote
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