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101Aubreygirlelf ruleGerman22Register to vote
102Delaneygirldescendant of the challengerGaelic22Register to vote
103Sagegirl22Register to vote
104Mary-Margaretgirl21Register to vote
105Lexigirl21Register to vote
106Anyagirlfrom the name AnnaSlavic21Register to vote
107Leahgirlcow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, rulerHebrew, Greek, Assyrian21Register to vote
108Evangelinegirllike an angelGreek21Register to vote
109Naomigirlpleasant one; above all, beautyHebrew, Japanese21Register to vote
110Carlygirllittle, womanlyLatin20Register to vote
111Willowgirl20Register to vote
112Caragirldear, diamondLatin20Register to vote
113Embergirlsmoldering remains of a fireEnglish20Register to vote
114Fionagirlwhite, fairCeltic20Register to vote
115Madelinegirlone who is elevated, a high towerHebrew20Register to vote
116Hayleegirlfrom the hay meadowEnglish20Register to vote
117Sabrinagirlfrom the border land, goddess of Severn RiverLatin, English20Register to vote
118Bethanygirlworshiper of GodHebrew19Register to vote
119Noellegirlborn on ChristmasFrench19Register to vote
120Tatumgirlcheerful bringer of joyEnglish19Register to vote
121LunagirlmoonLatin19Register to vote
122SarahgirlprincessHebrew19Register to vote
123CelestegirlheavenlyLatin19Register to vote
124ArianagirlsilveryWelsh19Register to vote
125Elliegirl19Register to vote
126Isabellegirl18Register to vote
127Aspengirltype of treeEnglish18Register to vote
128AnabellegirllovableLatin18Register to vote
129Melaniegirldressed in black, darkGreek18Register to vote
130Katelyngirl18Register to vote
131Laineygirlsun rayEnglish18Register to vote
132Angelagirlheavenly messengerGreek18Register to vote
133Ellegirlwoman, girlFrench18Register to vote
134Valeriegirlvalor, strongFrench, Latin17Register to vote
135A'miyahgirlBeautiful oneAmerican17Register to vote
136BaileygirlAmerican17Register to vote
137Loreleigirlfrom the Rhine RiverGerman17Register to vote
138EvagirllifeHebrew17Register to vote
139AbbeygirlAmerican17Register to vote
140Elianagirl17Register to vote
141Zoeygirl17Register to vote
142Lolagirlstrong womanSpanish17Register to vote
143Harmonygirla beautiful blendingEnglish17Register to vote
144Katiegirl17Register to vote
145Morgangirlwhite sea; bright, dweller by the seaGaelic, Welsh16Register to vote
146Kiragirllight; sunLatin16Register to vote
147BrooklynngirlwaterEnglish16Register to vote
148Scarletgirldeep redEnglish16Register to vote
149Fallongirlgrandchild of the ruler, in chargeCeltic16Register to vote
150Evelyngirllively, pleasant, life givingCeltic, Hebrew16Register to vote
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