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51Adalgisoboynoble hostageGerman0Register to vote
52Adalricoboynoble, powerful and richLatin3Register to vote
53Adamboyearth, created by GodHebrew14Register to vote
54AdamoboyItalian2Register to vote
55Addaiboyman of godHebrew1Register to vote
56AddisonboyAdam's sonEnglish3Register to vote
57Addoboyhappy, ornamentTeutonic, Hebrew0Register to vote
58Adebenboytwelfth-born sonGhanese0Register to vote
59AdelaisboynobleLatin4Register to vote
60Adelbertboyfamous for nobilityGerman0Register to vote
61Adelfriedboywho protects the descendantsGerman0Register to vote
62AdelinoboynobleGerman1Register to vote
63Adelmoboynoble protectorGerman0Register to vote
64AdelphosboybrotherGreek1Register to vote
65Ademaroboyglorious in battleGerman0Register to vote
66AdenboyAmerican3Register to vote
67Adeodatusboygiven by GodLatin2Register to vote
68Adiranboyof the adriaticLatin2Register to vote
69Adityaboylord of the sunHindu0Register to vote
70Adlaiboymy witness, refuge of godHebrew0Register to vote
71AdlerboyeagleGerman3Register to vote
72AdleyboyjustHebrew0Register to vote
73Admesboyson of AdamGreek0Register to vote
74Admonboyred peonyHebrew0Register to vote
75Adolfboynoble wolfTeutonic1Register to vote
76Adolphboynoble wolf, noble heroGerman0Register to vote
77AdonboylordHebrew1Register to vote
78Adonisboyman loved by Aphrodite, handsomeGreek2Register to vote
79AdonyboyHungarian1Register to vote
80AdrastosboyundauntedGreek0Register to vote
81Adrianboyrich, wealthy, dark oneGreek, Latin17Register to vote
82Adrianoboynative of Adria (Greek city)Latin2Register to vote
83Adrielboybeaver, symbol of skillNative-American2Register to vote
84Aegeonboy0Register to vote
85Aeneasboyworthy of praiseGreek0Register to vote
86AetosboyeagleGreek1Register to vote
87Afroboyfrom AfricaLatin1Register to vote
88Aftonboy0Register to vote
89AgaboboyHebrew0Register to vote
90Agapeboylove of the nextGreek0Register to vote
91Agatoneboygood, kindGreek0Register to vote
92AguboyAfrican0Register to vote
93AhabboyuncleHebrew1Register to vote
94Ahearnboylord of the horsesCeltic1Register to vote
95AhmadboyArabic, Turkish0Register to vote
96AhmedboyArabic2Register to vote
97Ahmetboymore commendableTurkish0Register to vote
98Ahmikboystrength of gods flockHebrew0Register to vote
99AhrenboyeagleGerman0Register to vote
100Ahsaneboy0Register to vote
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