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201AmeryboyindustriousTeutonic1Register to vote
202Amherstboyplace nameEnglish0Register to vote
203AmielboyGod of my peopleHebrew0Register to vote
204Amiensboy0Register to vote
205AmirboyprinceArabic4Register to vote
206AmistadboyfriendshipSpanish1Register to vote
207AmitboyendlessHindu2Register to vote
208Amitabhboyone with endless spelndorHindu0Register to vote
209Amitavaboylimitless lustreHindu0Register to vote
210Ammoboyshort for ammunition0Register to vote
211AmolboypricelessHindu0Register to vote
212Amonboythe hiddenCeltic, Egyptian0Register to vote
213AmoryboylovingLatin0Register to vote
214AmosboytroubledHebrew1Register to vote
215Amphityronboy0Register to vote
216AmritboynectarHindu0Register to vote
217Amsdenboyfrom the Ambroses ValleyEnglish0Register to vote
218AmulboyvaluableHindu0Register to vote
219AmulyaboypricelessHindu0Register to vote
220AmyboyAmerican0Register to vote
221Anandboybliss, happinessHindu0Register to vote
222AnantboyendlessHindu0Register to vote
223Anariboy2Register to vote
224Anatoleboyfrom the EastGreek0Register to vote
225AnayboyHindu2Register to vote
226Ancelboydeity, servant, divine helmetGerman, French0Register to vote
227Anchorboy0Register to vote
228Andenboy1Register to vote
229Andersonboyson of AndrewScottish4Register to vote
230Andreboymanly, courageousFrench1Register to vote
231AndreaboycourageousGreek3Register to vote
232Andreasboystrong and manlyGreek2Register to vote
233Andreusboyson of river PeneiusGreek1Register to vote
234Andrewboymanly, valiant, courageousGreek, French10Register to vote
235AndriboyAmerican1Register to vote
236Andyboymanly (short for the name Andrew)Greek1Register to vote
237AnesuboyThe lord is with us.African0Register to vote
238AngboySwedish1Register to vote
239Angadaboyson of LakshmanaHindu0Register to vote
240AngarboycruelHindu0Register to vote
241Angeleenboy0Register to vote
242Angeloboyheavenly messengerGreek2Register to vote
243Angusboysuperb, uniqueGaelic, Celtic3Register to vote
244AnieliboymanlyGreek1Register to vote
245AnilboyGod of windHindu0Register to vote
246AnirudhhboyHindu0Register to vote
247Anishboyborn without a masterHindu0Register to vote
248Anistonboy0Register to vote
249Anjumanboya party placeHindu1Register to vote
250AnkerboymanlyGreek2Register to vote
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