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101Aidanboyhelp, little fireIrish, Gaelic15Register to vote
102AideanboyAmerican, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Welsh1Register to vote
103AidenboyfireGaelic62Register to vote
104Aikenboysturdy, oakenAnglo-Saxon5Register to vote
105Ailanboyrock, noble, handsome, harmonyIrish, Gaelic0Register to vote
106Ailenboymade of oakEnglish0Register to vote
107Aimeryboyindustrious rulerTeutonic2Register to vote
108AirionneboyFree spirited.American1Register to vote
109Aitanboyfights of possessionHebrew, African0Register to vote
110Ajaniboyhe wins the struggleAfrican3Register to vote
111Ajatashatruboya name of VishnuHindu1Register to vote
112AjaxboyeagleGreek0Register to vote
113AjayboyHindu0Register to vote
114Ajayiboyborn face-downYoruban, Nigerian0Register to vote
115AjitboyunconquerableHindu0Register to vote
116Ajitabhboyone who has conquered the skyHindu2Register to vote
117AkaashboyskyHindu0Register to vote
118AkandoboyambushNative-American0Register to vote
119AkeemboyintelligentArabic2Register to vote
120AkelloboyI have boughtUgandan0Register to vote
121Akilboyintelligent, logicalHindu0Register to vote
122AkiraboyanchorScottish, Japanese2Register to vote
123Akshayboyname of a GodHindu0Register to vote
124Alboyfrom the name AlbertGerman0Register to vote
125Al-aminboy the trust oneArabic1Register to vote
126Alabasterboy0Register to vote
127Aladdinboynobility of faithArabic0Register to vote
128Alanboyhandsome, cheerful, nobleGaelic, Celtic4Register to vote
129Alandboybright as the sunEnglish1Register to vote
130Alansonboyson of Alan0Register to vote
131Alaricboynoble rulerGerman9Register to vote
132Alastairboyprotector of mankind, defender, helperScottish7Register to vote
133AlastorboyavengerGreek0Register to vote
134Albanboywhite, fairLatin1Register to vote
135Albericboyrules with elf wisdomEnglish0Register to vote
136Albernboyof noble valorTeutonic2Register to vote
137Albertboynoble and brightGerman3Register to vote
138AlbertoboyEnglish1Register to vote
139AlbionboyblondLatin2Register to vote
140AlbusboywhiteLatin1Register to vote
141AlcanderboystrongGreek1Register to vote
142Alcottboyold cottageEnglish1Register to vote
143Aldaboylong lived.1Register to vote
144Aldenboyantique, old, wise protector, old friendEnglish8Register to vote
145Alderboybirch tree, revered oneEnglish4Register to vote
146Aldousboyold wealthyGerman2Register to vote
147Aldrichboyold kingEnglish2Register to vote
148Alecboyprotector of menGreek5Register to vote
149Alejandro boyAnglo-Saxon, Spanish0Register to vote
150Aleksandarboy1Register to vote
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