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151AlericboyGerman2Register to vote
152Aleronboyknight armorFrench1Register to vote
153AleserboylionArabic0Register to vote
154Alexboyprotector of mankind (from the name Alexander)Greek11Register to vote
155Alexanderboyprotector of mankindGreek44Register to vote
156Alexavierboy2Register to vote
157AlexisboyLoveyRussian0Register to vote
158Alexsonboymixture of Alexander & SonnyAmerican, Irish1Register to vote
159Alfieboyelf counsel or inspired advice (from the name Alfred)English2Register to vote
160Alfonsoboyeager, nobleItalian1Register to vote
161Alfredboywise counselEnglish0Register to vote
162Algerboynoble warriorGerman0Register to vote
163AlgernonboymustachioedFrench0Register to vote
164Algieboy0Register to vote
165AlgoboySomethingSpanish0Register to vote
166Algrenboy0Register to vote
167AliboyGod, little, the highestArabic, Native American0Register to vote
168Alimboywise, learnedArabic2Register to vote
169AliqueboyProtector of man0Register to vote
170Aljoshaboy0Register to vote
171Allardboynoble and braveEnglish0Register to vote
172Allardyceboy0Register to vote
173Allenboyfair, handsomeCeltic, Gaelic2Register to vote
174AlmanzoboyIn a Laura Ingalls Wilder book it was the guys she married I LOVE the name!American4Register to vote
175Alokboycry of victoryHindu1Register to vote
176Alonsoboyhaving whiskers (from the name Algernon)French0Register to vote
177Aloysiusboyfamous in warTeutonic0Register to vote
178Alphaboyfirst bornGreek0Register to vote
179Alphonseboynoble estate, eagerGerman0Register to vote
180AlroyboyroyalLatin1Register to vote
181Alstonboyfrom the old manorAnglo-Saxon1Register to vote
182Altairboybird, starArabic, Greek0Register to vote
183Altonboymiracle from aboveCeltic3Register to vote
184AlucardboyDracula backwards.American0Register to vote
185Alvaroboyextremely cautious (variant spelling of the name Alvaro)Spanish3Register to vote
186AlviboyEnglish0Register to vote
187Alvinboyelf wine, noble friendEnglish2Register to vote
188Amadeoboyloves GodLatin2Register to vote
189Amadeusboylove of GodLatin5Register to vote
190Amadiboygeneral rejoicing, seemed destined to die atNigerian0Register to vote
191AmadizboyEnglish0Register to vote
192Amadoboyloving deityLatin0Register to vote
193AmadorboyloverSpanish3Register to vote
194Amalboybright, clean, pure; hope, wish, dreamHindu0Register to vote
195AmandoboySpanish1Register to vote
196AmarboyforeverHindu0Register to vote
197AmareboyAmerican0Register to vote
198Amariboyforever1Register to vote
199AmatoboybelovedSpanish3Register to vote
200AmauryboyFrench form of AlmaricFrench0Register to vote
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