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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
351Astrinboystar0Register to vote
352Asumanboylord of vital breathsHindu0Register to vote
353Asvathamaboysun of DronaHindu1Register to vote
354Asvinboy(Nasatya and Dasra) gods of medicineHindu0Register to vote
355Asztrikboymade from ashen woodHungarian0Register to vote
356AthanboyimmortalGreek1Register to vote
357Atharvanboyknower of the Arthara vedasHindu0Register to vote
358Atherolboydweller at the spring farmEnglish0Register to vote
359Atholboyplace nameScottish1Register to vote
360Atillaboybeloved fatherHungarian1Register to vote
361Atlasboy1Register to vote
362AtleeboyAmerican1Register to vote
363Atmajyotiboylight of AtmaHindu0Register to vote
364Atmanboythe selfHindu0Register to vote
365AtoboyBorn on SaturdayAfrican0Register to vote
366Atraylboy0Register to vote
367Atrusboy0Register to vote
368Atticusboyfather-likeEnglish7Register to vote
369Attisboyhandsome boyGreek1Register to vote
370AtulboymatchlessHindu0Register to vote
371AtulyaboyincomparableHindu0Register to vote
372Atwaterboyfrom the watersideEnglish0Register to vote
373Atwoodboyforest dwellerEnglish0Register to vote
374Aubreeboy0Register to vote
375AuburnboyfairLatin1Register to vote
376AudieboyAmerican0Register to vote
377AudreyboyAmerican3Register to vote
378Audricboyold and wise ruleFrench1Register to vote
379AudunboydesertedNorwegian0Register to vote
380AugustboyexaltedLatin9Register to vote
381AugustineboygreatLatin3Register to vote
382AugustusboyexaltedLatin4Register to vote
383AugustynboyPolish0Register to vote
384Aurekboygolden-hairedPolish0Register to vote
385AurelioboygoldLatin0Register to vote
386AustinboyhelpfulLatin159Register to vote
387Autryboy0Register to vote
388AvalonboyislandEnglish3Register to vote
389Avanboy0Register to vote
390Averillboyboar-warriorEnglish0Register to vote
391Averyboyruler of the elvesAnglo-Saxon7Register to vote
392AvinashboyindestructibleHindu0Register to vote
393Avistonboy0Register to vote
394Axelboydivine reward; divine source of lifeHebrew, Swedish1Register to vote
395Ayanboygod giftArabic2Register to vote
396Aycockboy0Register to vote
397Aydenboy2Register to vote
398AyushboyHindu1Register to vote
399Azarelboygod helpsHebrew3Register to vote
400AzariahboyA Biblical name. SunlightGreek0Register to vote
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