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301Armandoboyarmy man or warrior (from the name Armand)Latin1Register to vote
302Armaniboy5Register to vote
303ArmenboyArmenianArmenian0Register to vote
304ArmonboycastleHebrew0Register to vote
305Armstrongboystrong armEnglish1Register to vote
306Arnauboythe Catalan variant of Arnold, means "eagle ruler".Spanish0Register to vote
307ArneboyeagleGerman0Register to vote
308Arnieboyeagle ruler (from the name Arnold)German, American0Register to vote
309Arnoldboyeagle, powerfulGerman2Register to vote
310Arnonboyrushing streamHebrew0Register to vote
311ArpadboywandererHungarian1Register to vote
312ArpiarboysunnyArmenian0Register to vote
313ArsenboystrongGreek0Register to vote
314Arsenioboymanly, virileGreek0Register to vote
315Arseniusboyof or relating to arsenicLatin0Register to vote
316ArtemisboymoonGreek0Register to vote
317Arthurboynoble, follower of ThorCeltic5Register to vote
318Arthusboybear hero, a rockWelsh0Register to vote
319Arturoboystrong as a bearCeltic5Register to vote
320ArunboysunHindu0Register to vote
321Arvelboywept overWelsh0Register to vote
322ArvindboylotusHindu0Register to vote
323Arviragusboy0Register to vote
324Arwinboyyoung, princeEnglish2Register to vote
325Asaboyphysician, healerHebrew2Register to vote
326AsaadboyArabic1Register to vote
327AsanteboyAfrican2Register to vote
328AsarboyHebrew, Egyptian0Register to vote
329AseemboyendlessHindu0Register to vote
330Aserealboy(AZ-uh-rail) means: young and honest young boyGerman, Scottish0Register to vote
331AshboycoolAmerican0Register to vote
332Asherboyfortunate, lucky, blessed, happyHebrew12Register to vote
333AshishboyblessingsHindu0Register to vote
334Ashlee boy0Register to vote
335Ashleyboyash treeEnglish0Register to vote
336Ashokboyone withoutHindu0Register to vote
337Ashonboyseventh-born sonGhanese0Register to vote
338Ashtinboydweller at the ash-tree townEnglish2Register to vote
339Ashtonboyash treeEnglish15Register to vote
340Ashtynboyfrom the ash-tree townEnglish3Register to vote
341Ashutoshboyone who becomes happyHindu0Register to vote
342Ashwinboystrong horseHindu0Register to vote
343Ashwiniboyone of the constellationsHindu1Register to vote
344Asijaboya great sage, brother of BrihaspatiHindu0Register to vote
345Asokboy0Register to vote
346AsparouhboyBulgarian0Register to vote
347Asterixboybright lightCeltic0Register to vote
348AstileboyAnglo-Saxon, French0Register to vote
349Astinboystrong leader, trustworthyFrench5Register to vote
350AstleyboystarEnglish1Register to vote
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