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251Anniruddhaboyson of PradyummnaHindu0Register to vote
252Anokiboyan actorNative-American0Register to vote
253Anoopboyincomparable, the bestHindu0Register to vote
254Anselboydivine helmetTeutonic1Register to vote
255Anshulboyray of lightHindu0Register to vote
256Anshumanboythe sunHindu0Register to vote
257Ansleyboyfrom the pastureland of the nobleEnglish3Register to vote
258Ansonboyson of a nobleman, son of Ann or HansAnglo-Saxon5Register to vote
259AntalboyprinceLatin0Register to vote
260Anthonioboyhandsome French2Register to vote
261Anthonyboypriceless, flourishing, flowerLatin10Register to vote
262Antigonusboy0Register to vote
263AntonboySpanish1Register to vote
264Antoninboybeyond praiseLatin2Register to vote
265Antonioboyworthy of praiseSpanish9Register to vote
266AntwaneboyAmerican2Register to vote
267Apolloboymanly beautyGreek4Register to vote
268Apostolosboymessenger, apostleGreek0Register to vote
269AquarianboywaterLatin0Register to vote
270Aragornboyfrom the name Arag, which means to weaveHebrew0Register to vote
271Aramboyhigh placeAssyrian0Register to vote
272AramisboyarcherFrench1Register to vote
273Archerboythe archerTeutonic1Register to vote
274Archibaldboybold princeAnglo-Saxon2Register to vote
275Archieboytruly brave (from the name Archibald)German3Register to vote
276Archimedesboyname of a scientistLatin0Register to vote
277ArcleighboystrongEnglish1Register to vote
278Ardenboypassionate, eagle valleyLatin2Register to vote
279ArdonboybronzeHebrew1Register to vote
280ArenboyeagleNigerian0Register to vote
281AresboyGod of warGreek1Register to vote
282Argusboybright, watchfulGreek2Register to vote
283AriboylionHebrew3Register to vote
284ArianboyAfrican, American, French0Register to vote
285Aricinboythe eternal kings sonNorwegian0Register to vote
286ArielboyCeltic0Register to vote
287ArionboymusicianGreek0Register to vote
288AristoboybestGreek1Register to vote
289Arjayboy0Register to vote
290Arjunboyone of the PandavasHindu0Register to vote
291Arkinboythe eternal king's sonNorwegian0Register to vote
292ArkonboylitRussian, German0Register to vote
293ArlandboypledgeCeltic2Register to vote
294ArlenboypledgeGaelic2Register to vote
295Arleyboythe bowmanLatin1Register to vote
296Arlindboy0Register to vote
297Arlissboyhigh fortIrish1Register to vote
298ArloboyhillSpanish0Register to vote
299ArlynboyGaelic word meaning pledge; promise; oath.Gaelic1Register to vote
300Armandboyof the armyFrench0Register to vote
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