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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Robinboy0Register to vote
2Raimyboy0Register to vote
3Rielboy0Register to vote
4Roanboy1Register to vote
5Rudyboy1Register to vote
6Ricciboy0Register to vote
7Rilerboy0Register to vote
8Ratbertboy1Register to vote
9Rejeanboy0Register to vote
10Rodriguezboy0Register to vote
11Romeroboydescendent of a pilgrim to Rome2Register to vote
12RoretoboyPlace in Northern Italy.1Register to vote
13Rictorboy0Register to vote
14Razoulboy0Register to vote
15Ratchetboy0Register to vote
16Rumpusboy1Register to vote
17Rooboy0Register to vote
18Roperboy0Register to vote
19Rossifboy0Register to vote
20Revereboy0Register to vote
21Racerboy0Register to vote
22RimanoboyRimano0Register to vote
23Randenboy1Register to vote
24Roranboyfrom the movie Eragon0Register to vote
25Roegboy0Register to vote
26Raidenboy3Register to vote
27RikuboyPowerful, Brave Ruler0Register to vote
28Rikelboy0Register to vote
29Rumseyboy0Register to vote
30Ruttboy0Register to vote
31Raijiboy1Register to vote
32RashadboyAfrican1Register to vote
33RafikiboyfriendAfrican1Register to vote
34RaziboysecretAfrican2Register to vote
35RaeQuanboyAfrican0Register to vote
36RunakoboyhandsomeAfrican0Register to vote
37rabaanboyit means glory of godAfrican, Hawaiian, Hindu1Register to vote
38Ravonboyflying eagleAmerican0Register to vote
39Riverboyfrom the riverAmerican2Register to vote
40Robboyshort for RobertAmerican0Register to vote
41RugerboyAmerican1Register to vote
42RodgerboyAmerican0Register to vote
43Rockyboyfrom the rocksAmerican0Register to vote
44RikerboyAmerican1Register to vote
45RaynelleboyAmerican0Register to vote
46Royalboyheart and soul American2Register to vote
47RaylanboyAmerican1Register to vote
48Roxasboykeeper of the heartAmerican0Register to vote
49RickyboyAmerican0Register to vote
50Ryileighboypronounced rye-leeAmerican0Register to vote
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