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1rabaanboyit means glory of godAfrican, Hawaiian, Hindu1Register to vote
2Raceboyrunning competitionEnglish0Register to vote
3Racerboy0Register to vote
4Radcliffboyred cliffEnglish1Register to vote
5Radcliffeboyresidence nameEnglish2Register to vote
6Radfordboyresidence nameEnglish0Register to vote
7RadmanboyjoySlavic0Register to vote
8Radomérboyhappy, peaceHungarian0Register to vote
9RaeboydoeEnglish5Register to vote
10Raeburnboydweller by the stream where does drinkTeutonic1Register to vote
11RaeQuanboyAfrican0Register to vote
12Raffaelloboybasis for the name RaphaelItalian1Register to vote
13RaffertyboywealthyCeltic, Gaelic0Register to vote
14RaffiboyArabic, Australian3Register to vote
15RafikiboyfriendAfrican1Register to vote
16RaginboyadviceHindu1Register to vote
17Ragnarboya wise leaderNorse2Register to vote
18Rahulboyson of Lord BuddhaHindu1Register to vote
19Raidenboy3Register to vote
20Raidonboythunder GodJapanese4Register to vote
21Raijiboy1Register to vote
22Raimondoboyform of RaymondItalian1Register to vote
23Raimyboy0Register to vote
24RainboyEnglish1Register to vote
25RainaboyCeltic0Register to vote
26RainierboyrulerLatin0Register to vote
27Raivataboya ManuHindu0Register to vote
28RajboykingHindu2Register to vote
29RajanboykingHindu1Register to vote
30RajaniboynightHindu0Register to vote
31Rajanikantboysun, lord of nightHindu0Register to vote
32RajendraboyGodHindu0Register to vote
33RajeshboyGod of kingsHindu0Register to vote
34Rajiboyname of a kingIndian1Register to vote
35RajivboystripedSanskrit0Register to vote
36Rakeshboythe moonHindu0Register to vote
37Raleighboydweller by the deer meadowEnglish3Register to vote
38Ralphboywolf, wise counselEnglish0Register to vote
39RalstonboyAmerican0Register to vote
40RamboyLord RamaHindu0Register to vote
41RamanboyHindu0Register to vote
42Ramanujaboya saintHindu0Register to vote
43Rameshboyruler of RamaSanskrit1Register to vote
44Ramiboyone with good aim, sniperArabic1Register to vote
45Ramiroboygreat judgeBasque2Register to vote
46RamoneboySpanish1Register to vote
47Ramseyboyram's landEnglish1Register to vote
48RanaeboyresurrectedFrench0Register to vote
49Ranceboya kind of Belgian marbleFrench0Register to vote
50Randallboyshield wolfEnglish2Register to vote
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