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1RileyboyvaliantGaelic27Register to vote
2RyderboyhorsemanEnglish19Register to vote
3Rylanboydweller in the rye fieldEnglish12Register to vote
4Ronanboya pledgeCeltic11Register to vote
5Romanboya citizen of RomeItalian10Register to vote
6Reeseboyardent oneWelsh9Register to vote
7Ryanboylittle kingGaelic9Register to vote
8RaydonboyProtecting Hands; pronounced : ray-dunEnglish8Register to vote
9Rykerboysurname form of RichardDutch7Register to vote
10Rowanboyred-haired; ruggedGaelic, English7Register to vote
11Reaganboyson of the small rulerCeltic, Gaelic6Register to vote
12RioboyriverSpanish6Register to vote
13Raymondboyworthy protectorGerman, English6Register to vote
14ReeceboyenthusiasticWelsh6Register to vote
15ReedboyreedEnglish5Register to vote
16Robertboybright, famousEnglish5Register to vote
17Ricoboynoble rulerSpanish5Register to vote
18RaeboydoeEnglish5Register to vote
19Richardboypowerful ruler; brave oneGerman, English5Register to vote
20Remyboyfrom RheimsFrench5Register to vote
21Raidonboythunder GodJapanese4Register to vote
22RiderboyhorsemanEnglish4Register to vote
23Reganboylittle kingGaelic4Register to vote
24Remingtonboyfrom the raven's homeEnglish4Register to vote
25RhettboystreamEnglish4Register to vote
26Raphaelboyhealed by GodHebrew3Register to vote
27Raleighboydweller by the deer meadowEnglish3Register to vote
28Rustyboyred-hairedFrench3Register to vote
29RishonboyfirstHebrew3Register to vote
30Rushboyred-hairedFrench3Register to vote
31RonaldboymightyNorse3Register to vote
32RiordanboypoetGaelic3Register to vote
33Roryboyred kingGaelic3Register to vote
34RussellboyredFrench3Register to vote
35RaffiboyArabic, Australian3Register to vote
36Raidenboy3Register to vote
37Raulboywolf counselorSpanish3Register to vote
38Ronboyadvisor to the king, nickname for RonaldEnglish3Register to vote
39RoninboySamurai without a masterJapanese3Register to vote
40Ricardoboyfrom the name RichardSpanish3Register to vote
41Royceboyson of the kingEnglish3Register to vote
42RajboykingHindu2Register to vote
43Reubenboybehold, a sonHebrew2Register to vote
44Romeroboydescendent of a pilgrim to Rome2Register to vote
45Ragnarboya wise leaderNorse2Register to vote
46ReyboykingSpanish2Register to vote
47RexboykingLatin2Register to vote
48Roscoeboyfrom the deer forestNorse2Register to vote
49Roniboyshout for joy, my song of joyHebrew2Register to vote
50Romeoboypilgrim to RomeItalian2Register to vote
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