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51RandellboyAmericanAmerican0Register to vote
52Randenboy1Register to vote
53Randolphboyshield, wolfAnglo-Saxon1Register to vote
54Randyboyshield wolf; nickname for RandallEnglish2Register to vote
55RanenboyjoyousHebrew0Register to vote
56Rangerboydweller in the fieldFrench0Register to vote
57RanielleboyYoruban0Register to vote
58Ranjanboydelights his parentsHindu0Register to vote
59Ranjeetboyvictor in warsHindu0Register to vote
60Ransfordboyraven's fordEnglish0Register to vote
61Ransleyboyraven's meadowEnglish1Register to vote
62Ransomboyson of the shield; redeemerEnglish0Register to vote
63Rantidevboydevotee of NarayanaHindu0Register to vote
64Raphaelboyhealed by GodHebrew3Register to vote
65RashadboyAfrican1Register to vote
66Rashidboywise adviserSwahili1Register to vote
67RashneboyjudgePersian0Register to vote
68Ratbertboy1Register to vote
69Ratchetboy0Register to vote
70RatriboynightHindu0Register to vote
71Raulboywolf counselorSpanish3Register to vote
72Ravenboya ravenEnglish2Register to vote
73Raviboybenevolent, sun GodHindu0Register to vote
74RavidboywanderHebrew2Register to vote
75RavindraboyIndra is the sunHindu0Register to vote
76RavingerboyravineEnglish0Register to vote
77Ravonboyflying eagleAmerican0Register to vote
78Rawlinsboyson of a little wise wolfEnglish0Register to vote
79RayboykinglyFrench2Register to vote
80Rayburnboyfrom the deer streamEnglish0Register to vote
81RaydonboyProtecting Hands; pronounced : ray-dunEnglish8Register to vote
82RaylanboyAmerican1Register to vote
83Raymondboyworthy protectorGerman, English6Register to vote
84Raynardboybrave one; mighty armyGerman, Norse1Register to vote
85RaynelleboyAmerican0Register to vote
86RayseboyPronounced like RaceAmerican1Register to vote
87RayyanboyHindu1Register to vote
88RaziboysecretAfrican2Register to vote
89Razoulboy0Register to vote
90Readboyred-haired, reedEnglish0Register to vote
91Reaganboyson of the small rulerCeltic, Gaelic6Register to vote
92ReamerboyAmerican0Register to vote
93Rebanshboy Hindu0Register to vote
94Redfordboyfrom the red fordEnglish0Register to vote
95RedmondboyadviserGerman0Register to vote
96ReeceboyenthusiasticWelsh6Register to vote
97ReedboyreedEnglish5Register to vote
98ReefboyAmerican1Register to vote
99ReeganboyPrinceEnglish0Register to vote
100Reeseboyardent oneWelsh9Register to vote
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