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101ReeveboybailiffEnglish0Register to vote
102ReevesboystewardEnglish0Register to vote
103Reganboylittle kingGaelic4Register to vote
104Reggieboyadvisor to the kingGerman0Register to vote
105Reginaldboypowerful oneEnglish1Register to vote
106Regisboykingly, regalLatin0Register to vote
107RegõboyHungarian0Register to vote
108RehanboyflowerArabic1Register to vote
109Reillyboya small streamCeltic, Gaelic0Register to vote
110Rejeanboy0Register to vote
111remaineboycome here close to meSwedish1Register to vote
112Remingtonboyfrom the raven's homeEnglish4Register to vote
113Remusboyswift oarsmanLatin0Register to vote
114Remyboyfrom RheimsFrench5Register to vote
115Renardboycounsel hardTeutonic1Register to vote
116RendorboypolicemanHungarian0Register to vote
117ReneboyrebornFrench1Register to vote
118ReneeboyrebornLatin0Register to vote
119RenfredboypeacemakerTeutonic0Register to vote
120Renfrewboyfrom the still watersWelsh0Register to vote
121Rennyboysmall but mightyGaelic0Register to vote
122RenoboyRough-and-ready Spanish1Register to vote
123Renwickboyresidence nameTeutonic0Register to vote
124Reubenboybehold, a sonHebrew2Register to vote
125Reuelboyfriend of GodHebrew0Register to vote
126Revereboy0Register to vote
127RexboykingLatin2Register to vote
128ReyboykingSpanish2Register to vote
129Reynaldoboytaken from ReynoldSpanish1Register to vote
130RezsõboyHungarian0Register to vote
131RhettboystreamEnglish4Register to vote
132Rhodesboydweller by the crosses; rosesEnglish, Greek0Register to vote
133RhysboyEnglish1Register to vote
134RianboyAnother form of Ryan, little kingGaelic1Register to vote
135Ricardoboyfrom the name RichardSpanish3Register to vote
136Ricciboy0Register to vote
137RichboypowerfulEnglish0Register to vote
138Richardboypowerful ruler; brave oneGerman, English5Register to vote
139RichmondboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
140Rickboypowerful, richEnglish1Register to vote
141RickyboyAmerican0Register to vote
142Ricoboynoble rulerSpanish5Register to vote
143Rictorboy0Register to vote
144RiderboyhorsemanEnglish4Register to vote
145Ridgleyboyby the meadow's edgeEnglish1Register to vote
146Ridleyboyreed clearing, cleared woodEnglish1Register to vote
147Rielboy0Register to vote
148Rigbyboyvalley of the rulerEnglish1Register to vote
149RigeshboyLord of RigvedaHindu0Register to vote
150RijoboyWaterEnglish0Register to vote
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