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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Elliegirl19Register to vote
2Ellie Maegirl2Register to vote
3Evingirl2Register to vote
4Ewangirl0Register to vote
5Emellygirl0Register to vote
6Ericagirl4Register to vote
7Emelegirl0Register to vote
8Emiliegirl3Register to vote
9Emersongirl13Register to vote
10Egyptgirl4Register to vote
11Elzaangirl0Register to vote
12E'Lynngirl2Register to vote
13Elettragirl1Register to vote
14Éowyngirl1Register to vote
15Ensleygirl0Register to vote
16Elianagirl17Register to vote
17Eliessegirl2Register to vote
18Emanuellagirl0Register to vote
19Elinorgirl0Register to vote
20Eliotgirl5Register to vote
21Emmariegirl2Register to vote
22Elloisegirl1Register to vote
23Eugeniegirl0Register to vote
24Elyzabethgirl1Register to vote
25Elonnagirl1Register to vote
26Enyagirl0Register to vote
27Emalyngirl3Register to vote
28EmiliagirlIt's very unique, spelled with an E instead of an A. It's adorable! 14Register to vote
29Elainagirl7Register to vote
30Ezragirl3Register to vote
31Emmalinegirl1Register to vote
32Elizabellgirl2Register to vote
33Emmajen girl1Register to vote
34Elaragirlmoons of Jupiter0Register to vote
35Elvinagirlfriend of elves1Register to vote
36Emirigirl1Register to vote
37Estergirl0Register to vote
38Elizabellagirlcombines Elizabeth and Isabella 2Register to vote
39Emmygirl6Register to vote
40Elyssegirl2Register to vote
41Elyngirl2Register to vote
42Emmaleighgirl1Register to vote
43Emilyngirl4Register to vote
44Eegagirl1Register to vote
45Effiegirla star2Register to vote
46Emmaleegirlvariation of Emily.1Register to vote
47Elsagirl4Register to vote
48Emaleegirl0Register to vote
49Ensagirl0Register to vote
50Erinngirl1Register to vote
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