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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101EllingtongirlShe is the light of GodHebrew0Register to vote
102EllisgirlTree0Register to vote
103Elloisegirl1Register to vote
104Ellygirl American1Register to vote
105Ellyanagirlgods gift or a gift from godAmerican0Register to vote
106Ellyandgirlgift from godAmerican0Register to vote
107ElmagirlamiableGreek1Register to vote
108Elodiegirlmarshy, white blossomGreek4Register to vote
109Eloisegirlintelligent, smartFrench4Register to vote
110Elonnagirl1Register to vote
111EloragirlEnglish2Register to vote
112Elsagirl4Register to vote
113Elsegirlconsecrated to godHebrew0Register to vote
114ElsigirlGodess of Quad leg animals.Hawaiian1Register to vote
115ElsiegirlgaietyAnglo-Saxon4Register to vote
116ElvangirlTurkish0Register to vote
117Elvinagirlfriend of elves1Register to vote
118Elviragirlimpartial judgment, closeSpanish2Register to vote
119Elyngirl2Register to vote
120Elysiagirlsweetly blissfulLatin2Register to vote
121ElyssagirlShort for Elizabeth - a gift from GodAmerican0Register to vote
122Elyssegirl2Register to vote
123Elyzabethgirl1Register to vote
124Elzaangirl0Register to vote
125ElzenthiagirlAfrican0Register to vote
126EmgirlArabic0Register to vote
127EmagirlbelovedPolynesian2Register to vote
128Emaleegirl0Register to vote
129EmalethgirlCeltic, Gaelic0Register to vote
130EmaliagirlflirtLatin2Register to vote
131Emalyngirl3Register to vote
132EmangirlFaith in godArabic, Hebrew1Register to vote
133Emanuelagirlgod is with usHebrew0Register to vote
134Emanuellagirl0Register to vote
135EmarissgirlAmerican0Register to vote
136Embergirlsmoldering remains of a fireEnglish20Register to vote
137EmbrygirlAmerican8Register to vote
138EmealgirlAmerican0Register to vote
139Emelegirl0Register to vote
140Emeliagirla variation on AmeliaSpanish3Register to vote
141EmelinegirlindustriousTeutonic2Register to vote
142Emellygirl0Register to vote
143EmelygirlCalming,Smart2Register to vote
144EmelyngirlAmerican5Register to vote
145Emeraldgirla bright green gemSpanish2Register to vote
146EmeriegirlFeminine version of EmeryAmerican0Register to vote
147Emersongirl13Register to vote
148EmerygirlBasque3Register to vote
149EmerynngirlEmery +nnAmerican0Register to vote
150EmesegirlOur sweet motherHungarian1Register to vote
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