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1E'keriegirlAfrican3Register to vote
2E'Lynngirl2Register to vote
3EadygirlEnglish3Register to vote
4EarlenegirlBeautiful CheerfulEnglish2Register to vote
5Earthagirlof the earthEnglish1Register to vote
6EastergirlEaster timeEnglish4Register to vote
7EastongirlAmerican2Register to vote
8Ebbagirlstrength, return of the tideGerman3Register to vote
9EbbiegirlEnglish3Register to vote
10EberegirlmercyAfrican2Register to vote
11Ebonygirldark beauty, a hard woodEnglish, Greek5Register to vote
12Echogirla nymph, repeated voiceGreek28Register to vote
13EdagirlwealthyAnglo-Saxon3Register to vote
14Edanagirlzealous, fieryCeltic2Register to vote
15EddagirlrichEnglish1Register to vote
16Edelinegirlnoble, good cheerTeutonic6Register to vote
17Edengirldelightful, adornment, paradiseHebrew24Register to vote
18EdiegirlVariation of Edith; prosperous in warEnglish, Teutonic0Register to vote
19EdilygirlSpanish1Register to vote
20edisvelygirlprincessAmerican, Latin, Spanish1Register to vote
21Edithgirlrich gift, happyTeutonic5Register to vote
22Edlyngirlnoble womanEnglish2Register to vote
23Ednagirlpleasure, delightHebrew6Register to vote
24Ednamaygirl0Register to vote
25EdoliegirlnobleEnglish1Register to vote
26EdriagirlmightyHebrew2Register to vote
27EdselgirlrichEnglish1Register to vote
28EdurnegirlSpanish1Register to vote
29Edwinagirlprosperous friend, heir's axeGerman2Register to vote
30Eegagirl1Register to vote
31EfegirlBorn on FridayAfrican0Register to vote
32Effiegirla star2Register to vote
33Efiagirlborn on TuesdayGhanese1Register to vote
34Efrosinigirla fawn or a birdHebrew1Register to vote
35Efterpigirlpretty in faceGreek1Register to vote
36EgangirlniceEnglish0Register to vote
37Egyptgirl4Register to vote
38EilagirlAmerican1Register to vote
39EileengirlGreek3Register to vote
40EilisgirlGod's oathHebrew, Celtic0Register to vote
41EilishgirlIrish5Register to vote
42EirelyngirlirishGaelic1Register to vote
43EirenegirlpeaceGreek0Register to vote
44EiyanigirlCool BlevieableAfrican, American, English, Hindu0Register to vote
45EktagirlHindu1Register to vote
46ElaceagirlElaceaAmerican0Register to vote
47Elainagirl7Register to vote
48ElainegirllightFrench7Register to vote
49Elanagirla beautiful treeHebrew1Register to vote
50ElanquellagirlA princess who longs to fight in battlesArabic, Japanese1Register to vote
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