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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151EmileegirlAmerican, German, Greek0Register to vote
152EmileighgirlAmerican1Register to vote
153EmiliagirlIt's very unique, spelled with an E instead of an A. It's adorable! 14Register to vote
154Emiliegirl3Register to vote
155EmilinagirlGreek0Register to vote
156Emilygirlindustrious, eagerGerman, Latin45Register to vote
157Emilyngirl4Register to vote
158Emirigirl1Register to vote
159Emlyngirlplace nameWelsh1Register to vote
160Emmagirluniversal, all-embracingGerman121Register to vote
161Emmajen girl1Register to vote
162Emmaleegirlvariation of Emily.1Register to vote
163Emmaleighgirl1Register to vote
164Emmalinegirl1Register to vote
165EmmalynngirlAmerican2Register to vote
166Emmariegirl2Register to vote
167Emmeline girlAmerican3Register to vote
168EmmilynngirlAmerican0Register to vote
169EmmunagirlHebrew0Register to vote
170Emmygirl6Register to vote
171EmmylougirlEnglish, German0Register to vote
172EmorygirlAmerican0Register to vote
173EmsleygirlGift from AboveEnglish0Register to vote
174Enagirlwife, soulEnglish0Register to vote
175EndoragirlfountainHebrew2Register to vote
176EneshiagirlbeautifulAfrican1Register to vote
177Enidgirlquiet woman, soulWelsh0Register to vote
178EnolagirlmagnoliaNative-American2Register to vote
179Ensagirl0Register to vote
180Ensleygirl0Register to vote
181EnteriabgirlThe favoriteYoruban0Register to vote
182EnvizyngirlHold own fateLatin0Register to vote
183Enyagirl0Register to vote
184EnyegirlgraceYiddish0Register to vote
185Éowyngirl1Register to vote
186Eponinegirl0Register to vote
187EragirlHindu0Register to vote
188Eranthegirlspring flowerGreek0Register to vote
189ErasmagirlamiableGreek0Register to vote
190Erianthegirlsweet as many flowersGreek0Register to vote
191Ericagirl4Register to vote
192ErielgirlPronounced (Ear-ree-L)African0Register to vote
193Erikagirlever-powerfulNorse, English, German5Register to vote
194ErilyngirlA close form of Erin. American0Register to vote
195ErimenthagirlCollecter of thoughts/ProtectorGreek0Register to vote
196Eringirlpeace, western islandCeltic, Gaelic15Register to vote
197Erinngirl1Register to vote
198Erlinagirlthe elfin, girl from IrelandCeltic, Anglo-Saxon0Register to vote
199Erlinegirlthe elfinAnglo-Saxon2Register to vote
200Ern'nijahgirlbeautifulAmerican0Register to vote
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