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1Eleoragirlthe lord is my lightHebrew190Register to vote
2Emmagirluniversal, all-embracingGerman121Register to vote
3Ellengirllight, mercyHebrew96Register to vote
4Ellagirlbeautiful fairy woman, allEnglish69Register to vote
5Emilygirlindustrious, eagerGerman, Latin45Register to vote
6ElizabethgirlGod's oathHebrew36Register to vote
7Echogirla nymph, repeated voiceGreek28Register to vote
8Edengirldelightful, adornment, paradiseHebrew24Register to vote
9Evangelinegirllike an angelGreek21Register to vote
10Embergirlsmoldering remains of a fireEnglish20Register to vote
11Elliegirl19Register to vote
12Ellegirlwoman, girlFrench18Register to vote
13EvagirllifeHebrew17Register to vote
14Elianagirl17Register to vote
15Eleanorgirllight, mercyGreek16Register to vote
16Elisegirlform of ElizabethFrench16Register to vote
17Evelyngirllively, pleasant, life givingCeltic, Hebrew16Register to vote
18Eringirlpeace, western islandCeltic, Gaelic15Register to vote
19EmiliagirlIt's very unique, spelled with an E instead of an A. It's adorable! 14Register to vote
20Evegirllife givingHebrew13Register to vote
21Emersongirl13Register to vote
22Elisagirldedicated to GodSpanish10Register to vote
23ElisabethgirlGod's oathHebrew, German9Register to vote
24EmbrygirlAmerican8Register to vote
25ElainegirllightFrench7Register to vote
26Elenagirlthe bright oneSpanish7Register to vote
27Elainagirl7Register to vote
28Elizagirlthe chosenFrench, Latin6Register to vote
29Emmygirl6Register to vote
30Edelinegirlnoble, good cheerTeutonic6Register to vote
31Ednagirlpleasure, delightHebrew6Register to vote
32Eliotgirl5Register to vote
33Elissagirlqueen of CarthageGreek5Register to vote
34EilishgirlIrish5Register to vote
35Ebonygirldark beauty, a hard woodEnglish, Greek5Register to vote
36Erikagirlever-powerfulNorse, English, German5Register to vote
37EmelyngirlAmerican5Register to vote
38Edithgirlrich gift, happyTeutonic5Register to vote
39ElianahgirlMy G-d who answers, G-d who answers, answer to prayersHebrew4Register to vote
40Eloisegirlintelligent, smartFrench4Register to vote
41EastergirlEaster timeEnglish4Register to vote
42Egyptgirl4Register to vote
43Ericagirl4Register to vote
44Electragirlbright, the shining oneGreek4Register to vote
45Elsagirl4Register to vote
46ElsiegirlgaietyAnglo-Saxon4Register to vote
47Elodiegirlmarshy, white blossomGreek4Register to vote
48Emilyngirl4Register to vote
49Evelinagirllife givingHebrew4Register to vote
50Ebbagirlstrength, return of the tideGerman3Register to vote
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