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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
301JohannahgirlAnglo-Saxon, French, Greek0Register to vote
302JohannalyngirlPronounced: Jo-Hannah-LinEnglish1Register to vote
303JoigirlAfrican0Register to vote
304JoiagirlAfrican0Register to vote
305Joiegirl2Register to vote
306JojogirlCeltic, English, French, Irish, Spanish0Register to vote
307JokellagirlPretty JewelAfrican, American0Register to vote
308Jolangirlviolet blossomHungarian0Register to vote
309JolanagirlHappy, good friendGaelic1Register to vote
310JoleighgirlPrettyAmerican, English1Register to vote
311JolenagirlCombination of Jo and LenaAmerican1Register to vote
312Jolenegirlhe will increaseEnglish0Register to vote
313Joligirl0Register to vote
314Jolianagirl1Register to vote
315Joliegirlpretty, merryFrench8Register to vote
316Jolinegirlbeautiful person , also a good listenerCeltic1Register to vote
317JomolgirlAmerican, English, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Native-American0Register to vote
318Jonathangirl0Register to vote
319Jonesgirl0Register to vote
320JonesygirlEnglish0Register to vote
321Jonigirl1Register to vote
322JoninagirldoveHebrew0Register to vote
323JooEungirlsilver pearlKorean0Register to vote
324Joragirlautumn rainHebrew1Register to vote
325Jordangirl4Register to vote
326Jordanagirl0Register to vote
327Jordanegirldescendant, flowing downHebrew0Register to vote
328Jordannagirl0Register to vote
329Jordengirlunstoppable/determinedFrench2Register to vote
330Jordisgirl0Register to vote
331Jordyngirl12Register to vote
332JordynngirlAmerican1Register to vote
333Jorjagirl5Register to vote
334Jorryngirlderived from JordanAmerican0Register to vote
335Josalengirl0Register to vote
336Josalingirl0Register to vote
337Josalyngirl1Register to vote
338JosannagirlAmerican0Register to vote
339Joseleygirl Jose+Ashley = Joseley (joe-say-lee)Spanish0Register to vote
340Joselicagirl 0Register to vote
341Joselingirl(Jocelyn)0Register to vote
342Joselinagirl 0Register to vote
343Joselyngirl1Register to vote
344JosephinegirlGod will increaseHebrew4Register to vote
345JoseygirlAmericanAmerican0Register to vote
346Joshalyngirl7Register to vote
347JoshlyngirlEnglish0Register to vote
348josiegirlAmerican5Register to vote
349JoskegirlJozefDutch0Register to vote
350JoslyngirlHappy, JoyfullAmerican6Register to vote
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