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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201MarciagirlmartialLatin2Register to vote
202Marciegirl0Register to vote
203MarcindagirlAmerican0Register to vote
204Marcusgirlfather's name is marcusAfrican, American0Register to vote
205Marellengirl0Register to vote
206Marengirlsea5Register to vote
207Margaretgirlchild of light; pearlPersian, Latin6Register to vote
208Margegirl1Register to vote
209MargiegirlLatin0Register to vote
210Margotgirlvariant of MargaretFrench1Register to vote
211MargueritegirlpearlFrench1Register to vote
212Marigirl1Register to vote
213MariagirlbitterHebrew5Register to vote
214Mariabellagirlmy beautiful MaryItalian1Register to vote
215Mariahgirl9Register to vote
216Mariamgirlwife of HerodGreek0Register to vote
217Mariangirlform of MaryFrench0Register to vote
218Marianagirl7Register to vote
219Mariannagirl3Register to vote
220Mariannegirllittle MaryFrench1Register to vote
221Mariashagirlperfect one; bitter, with sorrowEgyptian, Hebrew0Register to vote
222MaribelgirlMary the beautifulHebrew-Latin1Register to vote
223Maricelgirlfull of graceLatin1Register to vote
224MaridelgirlbitterHebrew0Register to vote
225Mariegirlform of MaryFrench14Register to vote
226Marie-ClaudegirlOne who never stops on a missionNative-American3Register to vote
227MarielgirlbitterHebrew0Register to vote
228Mariellagirlversion of the dutch name MarielDutch0Register to vote
229MariemargirlSpanish0Register to vote
230Mariettegirl0Register to vote
231Marigoldgirla flowerGreek0Register to vote
232Marigotgirl2Register to vote
233MarijogirlAmerican0Register to vote
234Marikogirlchild of MariJapanese1Register to vote
235MarileegirlbitternessGreek1Register to vote
236MarilyngirlbitterHebrew2Register to vote
237Maringirl2Register to vote
238Marinagirlsea maidenRussian3Register to vote
239Mariolagirl1Register to vote
240MariongirlbitterHebrew2Register to vote
241MariposagirlbutterflySpanish2Register to vote
242Marisagirlmother of DaksaHindu2Register to vote
243MarisolgirlSunny oceanSpanish3Register to vote
244Marissagirlof the seaLatin13Register to vote
245Maritzagirlstrong,bright,lovley oneGreek1Register to vote
246Marixagirlstrong,bright,lovley one also known as MaritzaGreek1Register to vote
247MarjanigirlcoralAfrican0Register to vote
248MarjetagirlpearlCzech0Register to vote
249MarjoriegirlpearlFrench2Register to vote
250Markavegirlgirl/boyAmerican0Register to vote
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