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3551Halannagirlvictory of the peopleAmerican, English, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian1Register to vote
3552EsmirnagirlAmerican1Register to vote
3553Syeiragirlprincess1Register to vote
3554JolanagirlHappy, good friendGaelic1Register to vote
3555Tacigirlwashtub1Register to vote
3556Tapiwanashegirlgod has given us African1Register to vote
3557TadigirlwindNative-American1Register to vote
3558Tahearagirl1Register to vote
3559NadharigirlVisionAfrican1Register to vote
3560Taigirltalent; from ThailandVietnamese, American1Register to vote
3561Tailynngirl1Register to vote
3562Caliecegirl1Register to vote
3563Tainagirl1Register to vote
3564LashawnagirlFairAfrican1Register to vote
3565MylisagirlGift of JoyDutch1Register to vote
3566Kalishagirlbeautiful, strong with no fearAmerican1Register to vote
3567Takaragirltreasure, precious objectJapanese1Register to vote
3568Takodagirlfriend to allNative-American1Register to vote
3569SundasgirlSilk of HeavenArabic1Register to vote
3570TalegirlgreenAfrican1Register to vote
3571Taligirl1Register to vote
3572Tallulagirlleaping waterNative-American1Register to vote
3573JarensigirlEnglish, Spanish1Register to vote
3574TamgirlheartVietnamese1Register to vote
3575TamaligirlHindu1Register to vote
3576Tamargirl1Register to vote
3577CearagirlIrish1Register to vote
3578Alaynahgirlcute and crazyEnglish1Register to vote
3579Annabellgirllove beauty honorCeltic, Irish1Register to vote
3580JaitavigirlHindu1Register to vote
3581Tanitagirl1Register to vote
3582DarianagirlGod's little special angelHebrew, Spanish1Register to vote
3583Izzybellgirlbouncy joyful and full of graceAmerican1Register to vote
3584Lashae'girlFrench1Register to vote
3585LizzyanngirlSunshineAmerican, Latin1Register to vote
3586Danaleighgirl1Register to vote
3587Taralenegirl1Register to vote
3588TarshagirlNative-American1Register to vote
3589JaylagirlAmerican1Register to vote
3590TaviagirlgreatLatin1Register to vote
3591Tawnygirl1Register to vote
3592Tayengirlnew moonNative-American1Register to vote
3593RaciegirlAmerican1Register to vote
3594YashreegirlHindu1Register to vote
3595Shunkeuagirl1Register to vote
3596Javiangirl1Register to vote
3597SariannagirlAmerican1Register to vote
3598TeminagirlhonestHebrew1Register to vote
3599TemiragirlHebrew1Register to vote
3600TerentiagirlguardianGreek1Register to vote
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