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401Lyndseygirl7Register to vote
402Adelinegirl7Register to vote
403Cambriegirl7Register to vote
404AmeerahgirlprincessArabic7Register to vote
405Lisagirlconsecrated to GodHebrew7Register to vote
406Calliopegirlbeautiful voiceGreek7Register to vote
407AdalinegirlnobilityEnglish, German7Register to vote
408Claudiagirl7Register to vote
409Lyricgirlplayer of the lyreGreek7Register to vote
410Madelinegirl7Register to vote
411Madasyngirl7Register to vote
412Deannagirlpresiding official, valleyLatin7Register to vote
413Joshalyngirl7Register to vote
414Jackiegirl7Register to vote
415Jazlyngirlvariant of JasmineArabic7Register to vote
416Elenagirlthe bright oneSpanish7Register to vote
417Marianagirl7Register to vote
418Tyndellgirl7Register to vote
419ChanelgirlcanalFrench7Register to vote
420CayleighgirlpartyGaelic7Register to vote
421Chelseagirlriver landing place, portEnglish7Register to vote
422Veragirltruth, faithLatin7Register to vote
423KayleegirlEnglish7Register to vote
424KaelanigirlHawaiian7Register to vote
425Ariadnegirlmelody, very holy oneGreek, Latin7Register to vote
426HarlowgirlEnglish7Register to vote
427FrancescagirlfreeTeutonic7Register to vote
428Tiffanygirlappearance of GodGreek, French7Register to vote
429Mercygirlcompassion, pity, compassionateEnglish, French, Latin7Register to vote
430Zakiagirlbright, pureHebrew7Register to vote
431Ashleighgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish7Register to vote
432Ashlynngirl7Register to vote
433Ravengirl7Register to vote
434Laniegirl7Register to vote
435Audragirlfrom the name AudreyFrench7Register to vote
436KaileygirlunusualArabic7Register to vote
437Calebgirlbold, dogHebrew7Register to vote
438Delaniegirl7Register to vote
439Liannagirl7Register to vote
440Kiaragirl7Register to vote
441BreegirlbrothCeltic7Register to vote
442Danicagirlthe morning starSlavic6Register to vote
443Adoragirlbeloved oneFrench6Register to vote
444Aryagirl6Register to vote
445Danagirlfrom Denmark, mother of the Gods in mythsSwedish, Celtic6Register to vote
446ShaelyngirlHawklike MajesticIrish6Register to vote
447Rorigirl6Register to vote
448Caligirl6Register to vote
449AmygirlbelovedLatin6Register to vote
450Arwengirl6Register to vote
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