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451Adoragirlbeloved oneFrench6Register to vote
452Ednagirlpleasure, delightHebrew6Register to vote
453Ailagirllight-bearerFinnish6Register to vote
454LibertygirlfreedomEnglish6Register to vote
455Cynthiagirlmoon, Greek godGreek6Register to vote
456CaitlingirlpureCeltic, Welsh6Register to vote
457Janessagirlinspired by HadassaAmerican6Register to vote
458Desireegirlso long hoped for, crave, desireLatin6Register to vote
459JaimiegirlI loveFrench6Register to vote
460Islagirl6Register to vote
461Bronwyngirlfair breastWelsh6Register to vote
462Emmygirl6Register to vote
463Shannongirlwise one, river nameIrish6Register to vote
464AlyxgirlhelperEnglish6Register to vote
465Danagirlfrom Denmark, mother of the Gods in mythsSwedish, Celtic6Register to vote
466Danicagirlthe morning starSlavic6Register to vote
467isobelgirlIrish6Register to vote
468Amarisgirlchild of the moonEnglish6Register to vote
469Magnoliagirla flowerFrench6Register to vote
470Amayagirlnight rainJapanese6Register to vote
471FarahgirlbeautifulFrench6Register to vote
472Ivorygirlwhite as ivoryLatin6Register to vote
473Ta-LeahgirlAmerican6Register to vote
474Edelinegirlnoble, good cheerTeutonic6Register to vote
475AmygirlbelovedLatin6Register to vote
476Seraphinagirlafire, angel, seraphHebrew6Register to vote
477Rhiannongirla mythological nymphWelsh6Register to vote
478BrianagirlstrongCeltic6Register to vote
479Sabagirlwoman of ShebaGreek6Register to vote
480Larissagirlname of a city, mythical woman; cheerful oneGreek, Russian6Register to vote
481Cydneygirl6Register to vote
482CoringirlEnglish6Register to vote
483ShanagirlbeautifulHebrew6Register to vote
484CayleegirlAmerican6Register to vote
485LaelgirlBelonging to GodHebrew6Register to vote
486Caligirl6Register to vote
487JoslyngirlHappy, JoyfullAmerican6Register to vote
488Athenagirlgoddess of wisdomGreek6Register to vote
489Macariagirldaughter of Hercules and DeianaraGreek6Register to vote
490Imangirlfaith, beliefArabic6Register to vote
491Finleygirl6Register to vote
492Margaretgirlchild of light; pearlPersian, Latin6Register to vote
493Carriegirlsong of joyFrench6Register to vote
494MelodygirlsongGreek6Register to vote
495Macigirl6Register to vote
496JaimicagirlsupplanterSpanish6Register to vote
497ZaKeriagirlAmerican6Register to vote
498Michaelagirllike GodHebrew6Register to vote
499MonicagirladviceLatin6Register to vote
500Mallygirl6Register to vote
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